Advancement In Health Supply Chain Management


With the improvements in technology, the healthcare supply chain has increased to a considerable extent. It brings data and technology together thereby building a smarter and robust supply chain model. So, if you like to bring a difference and outperform others, then you need to use the correct healthcare supply chain management technology or take help from the best logistic service providers.

Problems Associated with Healthcare Supply Chain Management

There are certain complexities in the supply chain when manufacturers produce items and deliver those to the recognized distributors or purchasers. What makes it unique and complex is the involvement of various stakeholders at different levels. Now, various officials will give priority to healthcare supply chain management products while there are financial managers who will emphasize cost reduction. To bridge this gap, organizations have bought improvements in supply chain management.

Technology/Advancements in Healthcare Supply Chain

Whether you are the CFO or any high-level executive, you need to find the best route for hidden savings and an increase in revenue.

Use of Preference Card Management

If you bring an alignment between the supply chain and OR, you will get connected with the various items used by the physicians. When you are using preference cards, you are reducing the extraneous supply done by the supply team. This will bring clarity to the actual consumption and reserves to be kept on shelves.

Bringing Capacity Planning into Practice

This robust engine acts like a single machine to find out the resources which cover space, human, and supplies. Apart from this, it will take into account various artifacts like clinical prioritization, scheduling capacities, etc. This will facilitate data-driven decisions to increase revenue and patient prioritization.

PPE Estimator

Considering the global pandemic of COVID-19, there is a huge demand for PPE kits. There are certain key factors like a storage area, supply level, expected shipments, and machine counts. Using this estimator, you can get an instant estimate of the supplies available in hand and what are the shortages. It gives the instant estimation you require for seamless care like clinics and pathology. Through this track, potential gaps and count of the number of kits are determined.

Request for Proposal

You have to follow a strategic business plan for all your healthcare supply chain management-related requirements. The majority of the firms don't have RFP or contract management. But if this can be integrated it will produce faster output. This will help to get the rebates as well as discounts in an effective manner.

Spend & Value Analysis

On the basis of industrial data, this integrated solution is meant for managing healthcare-related services like the availability of surgical instruments, pharma, consumables, etc. A cloud-based system requires a sequential algorithm with ERP-specific templates for implementation purposes. This will take care of cost-saving factors such as specification, demand, GDP, and rate. A good build dashboard gives the highest level of security aided by multi-level access. This helps you to make informed decisions on cost savings.

Virtual Item Master

Using this, multiple systems can be integrated into a single one. This cloud-based source will provide updated information about supply management. Apart from this, it enhances accuracy as well as automation. This is equipped with continuous updates, securities, as well as educational manuals for understanding.

Technology to bring New Changes in Supply Chain

The Healthcare system has witnessed a plethora of changes in the supply chain. More such innovations are going on in the field of AI and ML to bring things into practice. There are various Healthcare companies that are willing to take risks and work with third-party service providers to build a better supply chain. To enhance healthcare supply chain management facilities, it is essential to bring every department under one page.