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Advantages and disadvantages of buying a 4x4

Before having an SUV was only for drivers who were going to use it for the field, who need to drag a large load or who liked to get on impossible roads for other types of vehicles. But today, having a 4x4 and giving it a conventional use is the most common.

If you are looking at a car and you are wondering whether to buy an off-road vehicle, at SM Motor today we are going to talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of a 4x4. If you are not sure if you are going to be comfortable with the type of driving that it offers, the best thing is to opt for a used 4x4 . In this way, the investment will not be so high and you will be able to enjoy a vehicle in good condition and with full guarantee.


Advantages of a used 4x4



·         More traction, less accidents with a 4x4



One of the advantages of riding an SUV is that you can have less risk of an accident whether you are driving on the road or off it. Loss of traction on any pavement can cause the driver to lose control. Therefore, by having more traction, you can have fewer accidents and be safer behind the wheel.



·         More acceleration with an SUV



What else are you going to offer a second-hand SUV? For example, greater acceleration than with other types of vehicles. Although a 4x4 is a heavier car, this happens because it has 4 support points to propel it and thus, in less time, it accelerates more.



·         Driving on all types of pavement



It does not matter if there are potholes if you have to drive through mud or snow ... Another advantage, if you are going to buy a used SUV, is that you can drive on all kinds of pavements. They are prepared to climb steep slopes, difficult roads, and unfavorable weather. This does not mean that by going with a 4x4 you do not have to put chains when the road requires it. The all-wheel-drive makes it safer, but not that you have to do without them in certain circumstances.



·         Comfortable ride



Gone are the classic 4x4 whose interior was very precarious and lacked performance. The used SUVs that you can find today are very comfortable, both for the comfort of their seats and the way they drive. Due to the greater height, they offer, their spaciousness inside ...



Disadvantages of an SUV



Higher  price



One of the drawbacks that you can find when looking for a 4x4 is the price, since, if you compare it with other types of vehicles, they are higher. Hence, the best way to avoid having to make a large outlay is to buy a used SUV. If you have a limited budget, discuss it with our consultants, so they can focus on showing you the 4x4 models that are within your margin.



·         Increased consumption



The SUVs are heavier, in general, more powerful and, therefore, their fuel consumption is higher. Therefore, we can say that another of the disadvantages they have compared to other types of second-hand vehicles is that the cost of gasoline or diesel is higher and you must take it into account.



Buying a second-hand SUV



If you are looking for a 4x4 that has the features you need and, above all, falls within the budget you have for your used off-road vehicle, come to SM Motor. We have a permanent stock of 200 vehicles where you can see different makes and models up close. Try the ones you like the most and ask our commercial advisors all your questions.



At SM Motor we are going to give you all the important information about the vehicle so that you can make your final decision with complete certainty. Number of owners, if it has had major breakdowns, why it is for sale, age, the number of kilometers driven ... Solve any doubts and rest assured that the used 4x4 will be in perfect condition.

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