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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hammered Copper Sinks

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The ancient metal copper is now finding its way into the modern kitchens. It has many advantages and little disadvantages. This traditional metal has a very attractive colour and lustre. The use of hammer copper sinks has increased in the farmhouse for its easy manipulation of cooking pots. This article will help you annoying the advantages and disadvantages of hammered copper sinks.

Advantages of hammered copper sinks

Thickness - Generally high-quality copper kitchen sinks are manufactured with a heavy gauge. It is heavier than the stainless steel sinks.

Antimicrobial qualities- It is confirmed that copper can kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes healthcare-associated infections. This can reduce the alarming infections rate naturally without any extra effort.

Natural colour- Copper has a highly attractive colour. Very few metals naturally have an appealing colour. The patina that happens over a period of time makes the copper sink look more beautiful. The Elegance and beauty of the natural copper colour had become a significant part of the modern kitchen design.

Visual - Hammered copper sinks are highly acclaimed more because of the colour and its visual appearance. Its appearance is highly appealing and Eyes arresting.

Highly durable - As they are made hammered heavy-gauge, they are way more long-lasting than the modern sinks.

Stainfree - One has to know about the chemical and temperature that can damage the hammered copper sink. Apart from this a normal routine of soap and water to keep it clean is more enough.

No Unpleasant odours - Copper is naturally antibacterial. It can kill germs continuously and can also reduce unpleasant odours.

Return on investment- It is obviously high for all the qualities it has. The resale value will never deceive.

Multi-purpose - Hammered copper sinks come with both low depth and high depth. When you purchase the higher depth one, you can use it for multipurpose. For instance, hand wash clothes, bathing the family pet and even conservative baby bath.

Disadvantages of hammered copper sinks

Requires care- The copper can react at certain temperatures and with acids. It always requires keen attention to prevent discolouring. You have to be aware of not using some acids, hot utensils and other sharp metal objects which can tarnish the surface of the copper sinks.

Discolouration- Over a period of time because of patina, the colour of the copper sink will become dark. You have to use a sealant the darkening. This can keep the antimicrobial power of the copper to be in action

Low price and thin gauge - If you opt for a low price hammered copper sinks, it will cost you in other ways. Thin gauged copper sinks are highly vulnerable to damage. Show the designers of hammered copper sinks suggest you buy the heaviest gauge for long time use.

Cost - Hammered copper sinks are costly when compared to stainless steel things. The price is more especially for 2 qualities. One is the natural benefits acquired from the copper and the second one is the handmade cost of the hammered copper sinks. They deserve the price literally.

No DIY installation - Copper metal is a need of professional plumbing. It needs expertise in plumbing to install. The heavy the copper sink the more the requirement of people. It is very important to install them without damaging the surface of the existing cabinetry of the kitchen.

Hammered copper sinks promise a striking beauty and eye arresting charm to the kitchen. Consider the pros and cons before you take up the decision of buying hammered copper sinks. But, the visibility it has advantages than the disadvantages.

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