Friday, June 9, 2023


Business efficiency: Not only does the digital platform improve customer interaction and help customers' needs be met faster, but digital banking also provides methods to make functions internally more efficient.

Cost savings: Digital banking is one of the keys for banks to cut costs through automated applications instead of manual labor. Future digital platforms can reduce costs by supporting network data and analysis and faster processing of market changes.

High accuracy: The digital banking technology platform will help calculate, process, and record transactions and fluctuations with absolute accuracy. Can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, enough to supply the global customer community.

Enhanced security: For transactions or any arising on bank accounts, customers will receive OTP, AUTHEN codes for each transaction and receive SMS or email notifications. Customers can feel secure about the security of digital banking. The decentralized platform helps prevent all transaction attacks, EDBank builds an alert flow to customers about account breaches.

Transaction process: EDBank has a great impact on transaction confirmation, cash management, asset optimization, and other business processes. The other smart blockchain technology will help reduce the time from registration to completion of transactions or reduce the time spent on interbank transactions, international transfers, or verifying personal information.

The Time Constraint: One of the most important advantages digital banking offers is the convenience of conducting all financial transactions from the comfort of one's office or home. This is a great advancement for those who do not have the time to visit their local branch. Especially when it comes to basic transactions like opting for statements, requesting a new checkbook, or even transferring funds, internet banking can speed up the entire process. The digital banking technology platform will help calculate, process, and record transactions and fluctuations with absolute accuracy.


The 4.0 revolution will certainly affect a strong transformation of the banking sector, emerging fintech companies to provide more convenient and secure services, leading to fierce competition to find out the best times

The legal finance monopoly gradually ended, when the market economy opens, the need for people to trade more, the world is forced to exist two parallel development institutions. It is also a healthy competition always to make progress.

 Cryptocurrencies have proven their value after 12 years of formation and development. In the asset accumulation portfolio with the name of digital gold, the rise of cryptocurrency is just a transition. Inevitable of the financial market.

 It also carries an intrinsic value in technology within itself when it solves all the weaknesses of traditional financial technology today. Blockchain truly becomes the leading technology for the financial transactions of the future. 

Ethersmart team understands this is a golden opportunity to take advantage of, so members of the board of directors have invested heavily in strategies to build ETM to become the most valuable coin in the market and development direction. The world's leading digital bank dealing in market cryptocurrencies and fiat cryptocurrencies will be implemented shortly.

 Ethersmart will officially launch Ethersmart Digital Banking in the fourth quarter of 2023.

2020: Develop a financial investment fund for building a global community.

 Taking Item as a center for the development of a satellite project creates leverage for investors.

The year 2021: breakthrough P2P2C connection with satellite platforms is a super-profitable market.

The year 2022: Decentralized and strategic exchanges are ahead of the global legal cryptocurrency wave.

The year 2023: Ethersmart moves from blockchain finance company to the world's leading digital bank.

Suvangkor Chakma
Suvangkor Chakma
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