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Advantages of learning GUI based software suits for data analytics!

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A data scientist is responsible for solving complex problems analytically to dig out hidden insights from vast stores of data. advances in the field of digital technology has made it possible to develop advanced and sophisticated tools for helping data scientist with a variety of data science related tasks. Therefore, data scientists are required to be adept in such tools.

Many wonders whether one needs to have a strong background of coding in order to excel in data science. Although having such background helps, it is not a necessary perquisite for building a career in data science today. With the help of sophisticated GUI based software platforms data scientists and analysts can easily perform data wrangling,data,munging and other data analytics related activities.

What are the advantages of such GUI based software suits?

Ease of use

Data analysts are expected to meet complicated challenges with efficiency so that the best possible solutions are found out for tough problems. Using programming leads to unnecessary complications and loss of time. But software platforms offering drag and drop features helps to easily undertake data analytics projects without adding further complications and saving precious time. Software platforms like TABLEAU or SAS are fairly simple to learn and use.

Data security

Premium software suits offer data security to a large extent with which open source platforms like PYTHON and R cannot match. Large organizations like Microsoft and Facebook often prefer using a platform like SAS because of that. This is why acquiring skills in such software platforms gives you the opportunity of landing a job with such tech giants!


GUI based platforms are very flexible for performing any operation. They offer point and click features which is extremely beneficial in looking into data sets quickly and then jumping from one format to another. Performing various activities under one umbrella is possible and creating data visualizations with a single click offers unrivalledflexibility.

In addition to above advantages such platforms are very useful for budding data professionals because picking up proficiency in such tools is fairly easy and owing to a high demand, you can easily find good jobs. Moreover, in a country like Malaysia where there is a scarcity of data analysts, a training on SAS institute in Malaysia would be highly beneficial.

Scope of analytics professionals in Malaysia

Malaysia is one such country which has developed its digital economy with much efficiency. IDC suggests that the Big data analytics market of Malaysia will reach RM595 million by 2021 and owing to a dearth of data analysts you can easily take advantage of the situation. Moreover, gaining proficiency in analytics tools like SAS institute in Malaysia will also make your career future-proof.

Malaysia is home to many reputed institutes offering quality training in Data analytics and by opting for such a training in Malaysia you can greatly increase your employability!

With employers like Fusionex, AirAsia and Hitachi eBworx, offering lucrative pay packages and great growth opportunities there is immense scope for any budding data analysts in Malaysia.

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