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Advantages Of Mobile App For The Healthcare Industry


While healthcare workers are trying their best to save the lives of people during the pandemic, still, the Covid-19 is spreading rapidly across the world. Doctors and nurses are the frontline warrior who is are facing the deadly battle against the virus. And we all know how badly coronavirus hit our healthcare industry. For commoners, social distancing and wearing masks seem to solve reduce the burden on the hospitals. But, we all forget how is the non-corona patient dealing with their health issue? How are they getting help? Well, the answer is simple: healthcare mobile application.

Healthcare app development let the patients directly connect with the patient who needs help and eventually reduces the burden from the hospital staff. For example, a mobile application like HealthTap provides 24x7 help to the patients by letting them directly connect to the specialist doctor through text, video call, or calling. These mobile applications let the specialist know about the syndrome of patients and then the doctor offer digital prescription to the patients.

With the emergence of healthcare applications, the entire mobile application industry is expected to increase by $60 billion by the end of this year, based on the Statista report. Because of this amazing number, in this blog post, I’ll talk about some perks of healthcare mobile applications.

Advantages of Healthcare Mobile App Development

There are many perks connected with healthcare mobile applications, especially during unprecedented times. But, let’s talk about the topmost perks of having a mobile application for the healthcare industry.

Delivering Patient Care at Home

Keeping in mind how important time is for our healthcare experts like doctors, nurses, and other medical staff people during the pandemic, the healthcare application updates the doctor about the patients’ syndrome and health condition in real-time. These applications are developed with the motive to check the patient and create a report quickly. Following the report, doctors can write the prescription which patients can access through the application.

According to the recent survey of GreatCall, it has revealed that 93% of doctors support mHealth applications to improve the patients’ health and 40% believe it reduces the clinic visit of the patients. Another data came which suggests that around 80% use smartphone applications for patient care. Such numbers signify the importance of mHealth applications. These mobile applications can offer offers a personalized experience to treat patients.

Timely care even at remote locations

Locations where there is a lack of healthcare facilities or rural areas also can use the healthcare application. With the use of mobile applications, people can receive treatment timely. By planning the video calls with doctors who can offer prescriptions online, most rural area patients get better healthcare without wasting their time traveling to the hospital.

They can avoid clinic visits as doctors can easily take care of their health from a smartphone application. Additionally, patients will get important personalized healthcare tips with the help of push notifications.

Healthcare with the Internet of Things (IoT)

With a total growth rate of 27.6% between the years 2019-24, the IOT healthcare market is expected to reach $188 billion by the end of the year 2024 globally. Fetching the data from healthcare devices such as wearable gadgets and sharing it with healthcare app development service providers, the IOT reduces the tasks of healthcare works. The technology makes it simpler to keep track of the patients’ health and notify the healthcare service providers when the situation is worse. IOT integrated with healthcare mobile applications offers enhanced care to patients. Along with this, it generates ROI for stakeholders which areas are good for business.

There are many mHealth application categories including pregnancy care and women’s health. All these types of applications are witnessing a high number of downloads. These increased numbers of downloads offer a tremendous opportunity in healthcare mobile application development. For example, Apple Company, with its advanced CareKit framework, is allowing the healthcare industry to develop more mHealth applications.

Well, if we talk about the region, North America is dominating in offering mHealth solutions to the market, but another technology market is also catching them up. Accurate Patient Diagnostics

Healthcare mobile applications offer intelligent diagnosis treatment which reduces the chances of fatal diseases. With precise monitoring, the specialist doctor can prescribe accurate medicine with the perfect dosage to the ill -people. Also, some healthcare mobile applications are integrated with sensors which help monitor the health of patients more accurately.

Additionally, the important reports of patients and prescription documents can be saved on the cloud platforms, which helps the medical store to keep the data more organized, secure.

Secure Payment Options

Standing in a long queue and waiting to get the receipt of the medical bills is almost the past now. With advanced secure payment gateway channels integrated with the mHealth application, paying bills becomes online. You just need to opt between (debit card, credit card, UPI, or eWallet) can help you pay the bill on time. Moreover, if you forgot to make a payment, these apps will keep on reminding you through the notification before the deadline.

For example, a fintech company like Cedar Pay collaborates with hospitals specifically for billing. With a smooth payment experience on mobile, Cedar pay offers customer satisfaction which streamlines the entire healthcare business.


Mobile healthcare application is easy to use for the users, it also reduces the burden on the pocket and reduces the medical bills of the patients. For example, in a country like the US, a single visit to a clinic approximately costs approximate cost around $100 - $200. While on the other hand, HealthTap, a mobile application charge less than $119/year which offers you to connect with certified doctors virtually 24x7. We all know that face-to-face consultation or doctor prescription can be got through the healthcare mobile app. This eventually decreases the burden on the patients’ wallets and makes it cost-effective.

Power to monitor your health

One of the topmost perks of healthcare applications. Healthcare applications is it lets you keep a record of your health every day. Wearable brands like Fitbit and other wearable devices let you monitor your health. This eventually helps improve your overall health on a daily basis. With the help of these wearable devices, patients can easily keep a record of their sugar level, blood pressure, weight and heart rate, and much more.

Real-Time Communication

Apart from checking the patients’ condition with the help of a camera, mobile apps can also be used for consultation, real-time meeting/collaboration, and sharing information with doctors across the globe. The perk is that the patients can consult the doctor at any time from anywhere. Additionally, the patients and government also enhance the monitoring process by regular checks on the patients’ health between doctors and patients.

Custom Design Remedies

Well, there’s always a long queue and long appointment and that’s because of the largest number of patients wants to visit the doctor every day. To ease the burden on the hospital and clinics, the custom redesign the entire way of using the mobile application. Using patients’ data to build a profile in the mHealth application, the doctor offers solutions or treatment to a single patient in less time.


To reduce the burden on healthcare staff during the lockdown, utilize of healthcare mobile applications is being highlighted. You can consult ArkaSoftwares to build personalized mobile applications for the healthcare industry.

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