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Advantages Of Opting For 1500V System In Solar Plants

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The market of a solar EPC company is dynamically growing at a good pace, compared to what it was a few years ago. In this vast market wherein cost is a prime factor of competition, developers need to optimize each segment of a solar plant to remain ahead of the game and earn profits. Voltage is one such part that has been optimized gradually.

In the beginning, the system voltage in solar plants used to be 600V (DC). Later, the designers started thinking out of the box to remain on the profitable side due to increasing urges of cost-cutting everywhere. As a result, an idea to raise the voltage to 1000V was introduced with its several advantages. So this chain has continued, and today multiple companies are considering the idea of pushing the system voltage upward.

The merits of the past elevation in system voltages and contemporary technical progress in products like inverters look good. Hence, there has been a demand for a vertical jump towards 1500 V DC voltages in the industry. This seems like a practical and feasible idea when we consider innovation in the equipment.

Below mentioned are the key advantages to view when considering opting for a 1500V system in solar plants.

Minimal Energy Loss

Energy or cable loss has been a matter of concern for engineers and dealers of solar power plants for years. Such losses include, but are not limited to irradiance loss, and temperature loss in the plant. A few others like DC cable loss are capable of being directed. The current that flows through cables in the form of heat results in DC cable loss. With the increase in the flow of current, more heat is lost, and this cycle continues.

Therefore, if we push the voltage upward i.e. to 1500V, there will be a decrease in current. This will lead to a notable reduction in the DC loss. Moreover, this reduction in the array cable length will also reduce the general resistance of cable and DC power loss.

Fewer Strings, Cable Length, And Failure

A 1500V DC system provides a great benefit in the area of strings used. Normally, the solar modules available at present have a voltage mark ranging from 36V - 37V.  So if a string of 1000V was to be made, around 27 modules are required in contrast with a 1500V system that needs 42 modules. This will impact the overall components as below:

● Getting fewer strings in a 1500V system wherein its power output is already set.
● A direct reduction in the necessary DC junction boxes along with maintenance, thereby leading to a simpler fault-detection.
● A decrease in the cable-length.

Since the cable joints and wiring of the junction box are susceptible to failure, this reduction in the cable length due to a 1500V system will also reduce the failure rate.

Reduced Equipment Cost

The ultimate benefit of using a 1500V system is the cost reduction in equipment and capital. The strings will be reduced and hence it will need fewer amounts of Module Mounting Structure (MMS). With the cable-length and junction boxes also being reduced as seen in the previous point, this is sure to be a transformation in cost and technology.

The Final Words

Countries are mostly turning towards 1,500V systems due to the overall influence of cost-cutting everywhere in the market of solar energy. Although these systems are favorable only at the utility-scale levels and not on rooftop levels, the awareness is growing. Cost reduction along with the material availability would possibly give rise to 1500V systems hugely in the upcoming times.

The next decade for 1500V systems is likely to see a market expansion of nearly 95%. With a rise in demand, such changes ought to take place in technology and excellence. This goes without saying that in order to have a new outlook on economical systems, developers and dealers will adapt to the changing patterns.

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