Advantages of solving cbse sample papers for class 10


As we have already discussed, solving sample papers is a very efficient tool for the students to prepare for their CBSE exams. This practice has a lot of benefits, but it can sometimes put forward some negative effects on the students too. Let us now see in the next segment what are the pros and cons of solving cbse sample paper class 10.

In this section, we will first explore the pros of solving cbse sample papers. The pros can be listed as the following:

1. It gives you a better idea of the knowledge you have gained for the exam

As you keep on solving the sample papers, you gain a better understanding of your own knowledge base. You can segregate your weaknesses from your strong points. You and your teachers can assess and score you better. You will know where to put more effort and where you can have a more relaxed way of preparation.

2. A better insight into the pattern of the main exam

All the sample papers are prepared keeping in mind the actual model of the main cbse exam. You can say these sample papers are somewhat replicas of the main exam. You should treat solving the sample papers as mock tests before the final exam. They give you a clear idea about what the main exam will be like. You will be able to create an idea of what to expect and what not to from the final exam.

3. It enhances your time management skills

It is very important for every student to maintain the habit of solving each sample paper within the given time limit. The main exam will give you a fixed time to finish the paper. Solving the sample papers within the given hours will help you understand your writing speed. You can accordingly better your writing speed for the final exam. 


4. It helps you to prepare a more efficient study plan

Solving the sample papers makes you more in touch with your syllabus and topics. You will be able to understand the pattern of questions asked. You will be able to create a more efficient study plan for your final stage of preparation and revision. 

5. It makes you shed your inhibitions

Rigorously solving sample papers will help you get an insight into the pattern of the main exam, your strengths and skills. This will boost your confidence and you will know how to go about answering the final exam papers. By this point in time, your knowledge will be well exercised and your skills will be enhanced.

As every coin has two sides, solving sample papers also has two sides to it. Along with the pros, let us now explore the cons of solving sample papers. The cons can be pointed out as the following:

6. Students tend to mug up the solutions given with the sample papers:

Students tend to work smart. But their smartness can sometimes fail them. Students when getting ready answers in their hands, they tend to immediately mug them up. They fail to prepare answers by themselves. Sometimes these sample solutions are devoid of proper information. They forget that if they follow more guide books and helps from online, they can prepare even better answers than the solutions given in the sample papers. It is not wrong to consult the solutions, but consulting other sources of information can help the students in enriching their answers more.

7. Students tend to fail to identify the errors in the sample papers

The sample papers can come with few errors and wrong answers with them. Students sometimes fail to identify them. So, they acquaint themselves with wrong answers. Thus it is always advised to consult the teachers before consulting the questions and solutions of the sample papers.

8. Students tend to follow a more suggestive way of studying

As it becomes easy for the students to make notes of the repetitive questions by solving the sample question papers, students tend to only follow the repeated questions. They tend to leave out the rest of the topics. This creates a huge gap between the acquired knowledge and the topics left out. It is good to put a little bit more stress on the repeated questions, but the rest should also not be left out. As we cannot guarantee students will get the same repetition in your exam. 

So, students keep these points while solving the sample papers and have a good exam!