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Advantages of studying MBA and ACCA

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MBA and ACCA are both globally acknowledged programs delivering world-class training in their respective specialized areas. Both the courses offer prospective career opportunities in managerial and leadership roles with an excellent salary package and many other additional benefits. Most of the time, MBA graduates aim for ACCA qualification as it advances the scope of their career opportunities in diverse domains. They also get exemptions from several subjects when appearing for ACCA qualifications.

There is an additional benefit for students who specialize in finance while pursuing an MBA as it allows them to qualify ACCA exam in just two years which acts as a benchmark for all their professional endeavours. Students also take up an MBA-ACCA pathway course to clear this qualification shortly after completing their MBA. Now, let us move to the advantages of the MBA and ACCA qualification: 

  • Connection with the global community: Both the qualifications will help you to establish a link with the global community as they aim to connect people from distinctively diverse backgrounds through a common platform. The professional network created by both the qualifications provides numerous opportunities for freshers to look beyond their shortcomings and focus on developing their career with a broader mindset. Your peer group would not be limited to a particular specialization or subject area but will encompass a wide range of industries across the globe. Both the qualifications will never restrict your employment to a specific location. 
  • Develop advanced skills: Both the courses focus on developing skills that can be incorporated in managerial, supervision, accounting, finance, strategy development, and other professional areas. The curriculum of ACCA and MBA is designed in such a way that it significantly reduces the cost of training and developmental sessions for an employer. This directly impacts the demand for professionals with such certifications and degrees. We all understand the significance of such sessions in an organization and the part of the budget that goes into coordinating such events. To avoid all these additional expenses, employers tend to prioritize the MBA and ACCA qualifications during the hiring process. 
  • Work independently: You can set up your consulting firm to work independently and offer your specialized services to individuals, accounting firms, and other top-notch organizations. The networking opportunity provided by both the certifications will connect you with prospective professionals who might share your dream of setting up their ventures. You can partner with them and offer services to the accounting and finance community worldwide. 
  • Continuous improvement: The curriculum of MBA and ACCA is consistently updated to synchronize with the latest advancements and trends of the contemporary domains. It trains the workforce so that they can handle the pressure and the amount of stress revolving around the corporate world. 

So, if you are in the process of pursuing an MBA and ACCA qualification, then you must consider all the benefits and start working in this direction now. You can start by signing up for pathway courses to ease the process of shifting from MBA to ACCA qualification. 

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