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Advantages of tantric massage

There are of course so many different massage therapies available across the world, but very few if any have the all-round advantages that we get from tantric massage. It has literally exploded on to the scene in UK and the rest of Europe since the 2000’s and you would have to say that getting a body to body tantric massage in London now is of the most favoured types of therapy one can go for.

The benefits of the therapy are many and varied, and in this article we are going to first look at what the massage is, followed by some of the core benefits that we get from using this great form of massage.

What is tantric massage?

Originally conceived in India thousands of years ago, tantric massage has really evolved and stood the test of time. The main concept of the massage is energy flow. The flow through the body occurs through various energy stores, or Chakra’s as they are known in tantric circles. It is said that making sure these energy stores stay blockage free and clear, is of paramount importance to keep one’s body clear of disease and one’s mind focused and sharp.

Now let's find out some of the advantages of taking the tantric massage.

Pain relief

Pain issues can be very debilitating for many people across the world, and many of us will just go straight for pain relief medications when combatting such issues. It’s only now that people are starting to appreciate the benefits of using a good old-fashioned tantric massage to help with pain instead. Not only is it completely side effect free, but it’s also very pleasurable and relaxing at the same time.

Fun in The Bedroom

Those that really take the time to study and learn tantric massage, can get a plethora of benefits in the bedroom too. Through getting to know your partner more in this area, you can literally bring back your bedroom fun to where it was years ago – you can literally turn back the clock on a relationship through Tantra.

By using regular erotic massage with your partner, you can keep the spices alive and burning strongly, which can almost be a relationship saver for some!

Help you relieve stress

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is without a shadow of a doubt – stress! It is said to responsible directly for so many of the chronic diseases that afflict us all, and left unchecked can wreak havoc in the body and mind. Tantric therapy offers a safe and natural way to not only reduce stress, but to kick it into touch completely and make it a thing of the past. This is mainly achieved with the combination of tantric meditation and breathing techniques which help focus the body and mind on a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Improve sleep

Another huge problem for many in today’s super faced paced lives is insomnia or sleep disturbance. Again, this is very much entwined with stress levels and something that we can counter with the use of regular tantric massage. Whether you go for regular professional massage, or this is something you do with your partner on a regular basis, it’s a perfect way to reset your sleep patterns again by natural means.

Blood circulation

Maintaining good blood circulation and lymph flow in the body is super important for the body’s immune system and functioning. Any good tantric therapist will be using the various kneading and caressing strokes to work the muscles and areas of the body to promote great circulation.

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