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Advantages Of Using Cloud Server Service if You are Running a Business in Bangkok

The digital economy in Bangkok, Thailand, is drastically growing. Many companies are changing from a racking server to a cloud server since there are so many cloud services in Bangkok today, both domestic cloud service and global cloud service. Over a network, a cloud server has been virtualized to be accessible to users remotely. Cloud servers don't need any special application as they've been engineered to support the same applications and operating systems (OSes), provide the same functions, and just as traditional physical servers running in a local data center, they offer similar performance characteristics.

The rise and continued growth of cloud computing in Bangkok have been largely contributed by the massive spread adoption of server virtualization. From software as a service (Saas) to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), every type of cloud computing delivery model can be powered by the cloud server. Now, you may starting to ask  “where should I get cloud server Thailand” or Cloud Server ที่ไหนดี as in a well known term in Thai. But before getting the answer, you should know the advantages of using cloud server in this country first. So that you can compare which cloud server service company gives you the best deal.

Flexibility and cost

If you are spending too much time on data storage and computer issues, your current IT solutions will hinder you from concentrating on satisfying customers and reaching business goals. The organization can save some money if they adopt the public cloud service because they are not only convenient for workloads that are used infrequently or need to run temporarily, but also have a pricing model of the pay-as-you-go. Temporary workloads that are based on demand, have resources that need to be scaled down or up as well as software development and testing that use cloud servers. Compared to owning the server, the full-time and long-term cost of a cloud server can be more expensive, depending on the amount of use.

Quality control

Inconsistent reporting and poor quality can be pernicious to business success. Therefore, to avoid human error, have a clear record of any updates or revisions, and maintain consistency in data, one can opt for a cloud-based system, as all documents are stored in a single format in one place. To avoid diluted data or confusion caused by employees who accidentally save different versions of documents, a cloud-based system will allow everyone to access the same information.

Safety and security

The safety and security of data are of great concern to any organization. To carefully monitor security is a cloud's full-time job. The possibility of internal data theft is of high percentage as it is perpetrated by employees. Therefore, it's safe to keep sensitive information offsite to prevent this. Encrypting data will prevent data accessibility by anyone not authorized to view or hackers. The user of cloud-based service can however set different security settings as an added security measure.  


Even though disruptions and network latency can reduce the performance for geographically distant users, public cloud servers can allow admins to access workloads globally if the data center is centralized. It will be more reliable and faster to host duplicate instances for workload in different global regions for organizations to benefit.

Increased collaboration

Collaboration is a top priority if the business has two or more employees. Cloud-based services allow employees across your organization to connect and increase engagement and interest as some provide collaborative social spaces. Therefore, sharing and viewing information securely and easily across a cloud-based platform can be easy to team members.

Easy to use

It only takes minutes to provision a server, therefore, an administrator can do this so easily. For a public cloud server, an organization doesn't need to worry about maintenance, other tasks that come with owning a physical server, and installation.

Access to automatic updates

All your IT requirements updates may be included in your service fee allowing automatic updates. Therefore, your system will be updated with the latest technology regularly, depending on your cloud computing service provider. This is an all-inclusive task as upgrades to computer and servers processing power and up-to-date versions of the software are included in the cloud.



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