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Advent of Smart Technology into Roller Blinds

The world is going smart and so is technology! Smart phones are today a common yet essential device we all carry. With the advancement of smart technology and its advent in operations of electrical appliances like air conditioners, Television, lights and even security is tremendous in itself. Surprisingly, we can have this easy and effective technology for our blinds too. Yes, it’s true! It is referred by the term, “home automation”.

We don’t go to a place without our phone. Wouldn’t that be great if you can control your blinds even when away from home? The home automation trend is creating a ‘smart’ life where you can automate the everyday devices with just a tap on the mobile.

Home Automation is a Setup for Future

The regular task we need to manage on a daily basis is pulling the blinds up and down. Among the various types, the external and internal blinds offer privacy and protection for your home against cold and heat. Since a few years, remote control blinds have been introduced into the market. However, today we have a much more developed system for the purpose – an app to operate your blinds and awnings installations in Brisbane.

Want to manage multiple blinds at one time? Install the free app in your mobile device and get started. How about if we say you can do this from anywhere in the house. Now, this definitely pleases you.

Some brief information about the technology

  • How does it work?

You need to purchase a WiFi Hub and plug it into your power socket, adjacent to the WiFi point. Download the free app from the app store online that is suitable for the type of motors fitted in your blinds. The two most common devices used in Australia are ACMEDA PULSE WIFI HUB and SOMFY MYLINK WIFI HUB.

  • Can I fix it up easily?

It is a few minutes job for a tech savvy person, once you start following the prompts from the app. If you are not much into the technical line, better take help from a certified blind motorisation company. GT Blinds in Brisbane can assist you with this.

  • Can I operate without WiFi?

No, the WiFi Hub needs a WiFi connection for the tech process.  In case you don’t have a WiFi connection, you can operate the blinds with the remote control but as long as there’s electricity. The re-chargeable battery operated blinds can operate without electricity until the battery discharges.

  • Can I add motors to the existing regular chain roller blinds?

This depends on the controls and brackets on the motors that fits for your window. You will find motors that require different controls and different deductions. You can get the re-chargeable motors that can be fitted into the existing blinds. If you do not have roller blinds installed yet, you can have the awning and roller shutter installation in Brisbane from a reputed service provider in the area.

GT Blinds is an acclaimed provider of blinds, shutters and awnings to protect your home from external elements like heat, cold and any other kind of environmental damage.

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