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Advertisement: What Comes After The Crazy Idea?

Do you know these quotes from well-known people who were fatally wrong in their statements? Like the words of the former head of an international telecommunications company who said in 1990 that the Internet was a gimmick that had no future. There have been many ideas in history that were laughed at first and that even supposed experts were completely misjudged. That fact alone should encourage you to keep believing in your own crazy ideas. Look around your surroundings: Aren't there totally crazy things everywhere that we could not even imagine a few years ago? Self-driving cars? Jump off a bridge on a rubber rope? There is nothing that is too freaked out not to become reality at some point. If you think your idea is a bit crazy but overall good, then keep it and keep spinning it. But what comes next?

Show me what you have.

The unfortunate thing about developing good ideas is usually that the creative minds lack the financial means to experiment and develop the idea into a real product. Inventors who need someone to turn their flash of inspiration into something tangible often spend a great deal of time waiting for that someone. However, it is usually better to act yourself. Go forward, represent your idea and your interests, and stand by your idea with confidence, even if others think it is stupid. Make yourself a name and if you cannot think of one yourself, use the business name ideas. Seriously, try to build a brand around your idea. This is more memorable for those who can help you with further development, and it also shows self-confidence. A lot of creative people have problems appearing convincingly in the business world, but you must be able to do that if you do not want to lose your idea. Familiarize yourself with the idea that you must be a salesperson to get your idea to market.

Promotion is half the battle.

Do not worry, you do not have to suddenly start throwing around you like one of those business consultants when talking to potential investors. But be aware that you must have something tangible to offer if the opportunity arises. For example, you should draw up a business plan. You can find templates for this on the Internet and even if they may not fit your situation one hundred percent, you can use them as a guide; also, so that you get an impression of the financial framework within which you are operating. It is also important for investors what the market situation is like. So do a little research and put together an overview of price structures and competitors as well as possibilities for further development or expansion into other markets. And finally: draw attention to yourself. Use social media to build a fan base and do not be afraid to introduce your ideas to strangers - at some point, the right person may be there.

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