Advice for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs


Every year there are more and more female entrepreneurs starting their own companies and going on to find success which is fantastic to see. There are still many aspiring female entrepreneurs that are daunted by the prospect which is understandable - launching a company is always intimidating, but particularly when it is a male-dominated area and when women can find that they have more challenges to overcome. Therefore, it is worth outlining a few helpful tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs which will hopefully give them the confidence and knowledge that they need to start their own company and go on to find success.

Work on Your Soft Skills

It is essential to have strong soft skills regardless of gender when it comes to starting your own company. You may naturally possess some strong soft skills, but if there are any areas that you would consider a weakness, then it is worth taking the time to develop these as this will help you to get ahead, stand out from the crowd, inspire confidence and run a tight ship. A few of the critical skills that are required include:

  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Time-management
  • Critical thinking

Find A Mentor & Coach

Leading on from this, you will also find it of great help to find a female business mentor and coach who can provide advice, support, and help you to overcome common challenges and avoid typical mistakes. A top Australian women’s business coach could help you to achieve your business goals and teach you lessons that will help you to thrive in both business and life, so this should undoubtedly be considered.

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Learn from Successful Female Leaders

There have been many inspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs throughout history that you can always learn from. You can learn leadership skills from men, but you might find it helpful to focus on women as they will have faced difficulties and obstacles that men have not (especially going back through history) so they can be inspiring even if many of these obstacles are (fortunately) not as prevalent. A few good women to learn from include:

  • Queen Victoria
  • Coco Chanel
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Michelle Obama
  • Angela Merkel
  • Gina Rinehart

Network with Other Female Entrepreneurs

Networking is always important as an entrepreneur, and you should look to network with people regardless of gender, but you should try to connect with fellow female entrepreneurs. This is a reliable and growing community, so it helps develop contacts for support and advice. Still, you might also find that it is helpful in terms of opening doors and creating valuable contacts to help your business.

Take Risks

Any successful male or female entrepreneur will tell you that you have to be willing to take risks to achieve your goals. You should not fear failure and instead view any mistake as a learning opportunity - every successful entrepreneur will have made a mistake at some point, but it is how you react that will be telling.

Hopefully, these business tips will help an aspiring female entrepreneur to move forward and give them the confidence needed to go on and find success.