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Advices for Startups Starting From Your Hong Kong Homes


Many local Hong Kong businesses would have started from home-based where it may have been a one-man band, or a team of two startup co-founders. The thing is to be able to create a work environment (at your home) that you will feel good spending most of your hours in there. Working from home does have a cost. For example, you may have to invest in some office equipment and furniture, while you are also using your other home furniture and equipment to operate your small business. Mostly it would mean you will be spending much time at your computer or laptop. The important physical equipment would be your chair, keyboard, and monitor. When you are working from a familiar place, you would have increased your overall productivity.

Setting up your Hong Kong home office at your home means that you are able to minimize your overhead. Remember rent is relatively expensive in HK, and you would do whatever it takes to save the cost. Sometimes when you first started, it is not about how much money you can make from your new business, it is rather about being able to control your overhead (or unnecessary spending). That’s the first rule you should practically use to avoid your business going bankrupt.

Take your time and go through a Hong Kong company registration at the Companies Registry. You will thank your advisor for this early move. At some point in future time, your business will grow and develop into a slightly larger scale business. There will be a lot of overhead cost, especially when you start to hire people, and especially technology related people who can do programming for your business or mobile application development for you. You will need to receive investment from a few outside investors. In order to take the cash to further support your company’s finance, your business would have to be legally incorporated.

You may be able to work around the clock with some experts in your industry or field of work, while you are operating from your local HK home. For them, they may be individual consultants working from anywhere they prefer, or they have their day job but in the evening they would join your project. This lets you leveraging the best skills in your industry by putting up a virtual part-time based team. The thing after such a setup is to be able to do yourself good time management and project management. The project’s deliverables should be matched to your pre-set timeline (or deadline) and resources.

Make sure you are able to work on your Hong Kong business, but not in your business. As the founder of your startup company, you are the main person to ensure your business is heading to the right directions. Being able to see and control the big picture of your business is rather important. It is more important than simply digging deep into the work right away.

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