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Aging gracefully: 3 at-risk areas to stay on top of

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It's a fact of life; we're all growing old. The big difference for some of us is that we're doing it far less gracefully than others. It means that even though we might be the same age as someone, in the eyes of other people there might be a twenty-year difference.

Unfortunately, time is always going to get the better of us, and our appearance does naturally change as we get older. On the flip side, there's more to the game than genetics, and with a few quick changes you can stay on top of your age and ultimately preserve your years.

This is what today's post will take a look at. Let's now jump into three areas that you need to pay particular attention to, in a bid to defy the effects of aging.

Your skin

Let's start with the point that most of us have become almost obsessed with over the years. After all, your skin is something that can mask your true age.

As we get older, this is something that loses its elasticity and also becomes thinner. It means that wrinkles, age spots and a whole host of other obvious signs just become more common.

Some people will turn to a doctor to help them with this (find out more information about medical indemnity if you opt for this route) while others will try and enhance their lifestyle. In relation to the latter, this means using adequate amounts of sunscreen, using mild skin products that won’t irritate you and also following typical lifestyle advice like not smoking. If you can do this, you’ll be streets ahead of someone else who takes a more “relaxed” view of their lifestyle.

Your cardiovascular system

This next point probably won't come as much of a surprise, with the elderly tending to be much more at risk from cardiovascular problems.

There is a very good reason behind this risk as well; your blood vessels and arteries will have stiffened over time, and this means that your heart will have to work harder than ever before to pump blood.

What can you do to preserve your cardiovascular health? This is where basic well being principles come into the picture. It's all about carrying out enough exercise, eating correcting, not smoking and everything else that has been drilled into us for years.

Your bones

Again, there won't be many raised eyebrows with this next point, with the elderly again much more at risk when it comes to bone complaints.

There is plenty of scientific reasoning behind this as well; your bones become less dense and smaller, meaning that they are effectively weaker.

Fortunately, there are again solutions which can again prolong the time it takes for these effects to impact your body. One of these is consuming plenty of calcium in your diet, while another is turning to enough vitamin D. If you can also include plenty of exercise into your diet, you will be truly onto a winner.

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