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AI-Powered Autoresponder for Slack: What’s in It for Slack Users?

“Slack someone.” That’s the common advice you’ll get whenever you need a helping hand with any challenges at the workplace. Although having a mentor at hand is helpful and common practice, we witness the era of AI-augmented training and onboarding.

Adopting conversational AI assistants for smooth and fast troubleshooting has become more common for full-remote teams. Let’s see how enabling AI-powered autoresponder reinvents the everyday human-supervised support via Slack.

The Most Annoying Things About Help Requests via Slack

Whereas Slack help requests might save your day if enterprise search returned no or irrelevant results, they have a couple of annoying and inconvenient aspects.

The #Ask Channel Managers Get Overwhelmed with Questions

The truth is that most companies still have multiple #ask channels and assign personnel to manage them. Obviously, that’s a lot of human resources allocated for consulting on operational and technical questions.

Moreover, there are a lot of recurring questions that only distract people from their jobs.

The Questioner Might Overlook the Response in the #Ask Channel

As simple as that – an employee might simply not notice the answer to their question. Alternatively, the answer might be misleading or not detailed enough, requiring follow-up questions. Sometimes, it’s not a big deal, but sometimes, it might halt the work process of the entire team or lead to flawed results. Consequently, the team will spend additional time on troubleshooting.

Not Every Question Seems Appropriate for Public Channels

Also, employees might feel uncomfortable about bothering their colleagues. That’s especially common for new hires who don’t wish to come across as annoying.

How Does AI-Powered Autoresponder Work?

An AI-powered Slack autoresponder like Dash AI by Dashworks activates automatically in response to users’ questions once connected to Slack workspace. Employees can also tag it in a particular thread to generate an answer. Alternatively, you may launch an AI bot from the message menu.

By approving or disapproving the AI assistant’s answer, you can train it and improve the quality of its prompts.

How AI-Powered Autoresponder for Slack Changes the Game

Thanks to AI innovations, the mentioned above issues with looking for advice in the Slack channels have faded away. Today, business teams can deliver an emerging and comprehensible trainee onboarding or resolve any request for additional internal information with AI-powered autoresponders.

Those ensure:

  • Instant To-the-Point Answers. Machine learning algorithms analyze your shared documentation and in-app data, recognize how the data is interconnected, and understand its use patterns. Therefore, asking a Slack chatbot will return more ample and informative answers than if somebody has used a regular keyword search.
  • Extended Context of the Answers. Autoresponder attaches links to reference sections and articles of enterprise knowledge base. Therefore, you’ll manage to navigate to the actual document, spreadsheet, or desk record to make changes if needed.
  • Elimination of Information Silos. The average stack for the team’s work usually includes Notion or Jira to develop a shared knowledge base. Moreover, there will surely be Google Workplace apps, Trello, and Asana. This fragmentation of enterprise knowledge impedes information discovery and checks on particular cases' progress. Search AI bot delivers a complete and holistic view of any matter or subject and eliminates information silos easily.
  • Easily Adjusted Association with Slack Channels. Autoresponder provides access to unified internal knowledge directly through Slack channels. Its configuration can be set in Slack UI or adjusted within the AI bot provider’s web app.
  • Seamless Integration with Business Apps. AI-powered Slack autoresponder connects to knowledge base wikis, CRMs, and various business apps without any code interventions. Minimal data indexing and real-time API calls ensure seamless, quick, and secure integration.
  • The Sensitive Data Remains Intact. Autoresponder follows the previously set user permissions of Slack channels it connects to. Additionally, AI assistants are SOC-2 Type 2 certified and manually pentested, guaranteeing top-notch privacy compliance.

The Essential Benefits of Slack Autoresponder Enablement

Enablement of Slack AI autoresponder supercharges productivity at the workplace like never before:

  • Reduced Time Waste. The users’ feedback you can come across around the Internet outlines that teams managed to cut nearly ¾ of the time that was usually spent on resolving help requests. Eventually, channel managers can finally sign with relief and focus on essential tasks.
  • Enhanced Productivity at Scale. Admittedly, implementing AI assistants helps minimize or eliminate unwanted downtime completely. Such productivity gains primarily benefit routines and business processes that often demand supervised mentoring (onboarding/training of a new hire) or fast and operative response. Thus, businesses should use AI-powered Slack autoresponder if they want to make the most out of their human capital.
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Syandita Malakar
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