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AI & WordPress: How Does AI Transforming WordPress Websites?

AI in Wordpress

You must have noticed the increasing hype of Artificial Intelligence in all over the world and how it is transforming our lives in multiple ways…From voice assistants to intelligent chatbots, AI is supporting everything. But Artificial Intelligence is much more than that!

However, before getting started with the blog, your very first question might be, “How does AI be related to WordPress and how it can support it?”

Well, don’t underestimate the power of Artificial Intelligence…Before digging deep into the concept of understanding the ways how AI is empowering WordPress, let’s learn what exactly Artificial Intelligence is?

Understanding the Concept of Artificial Intelligence

Those were the days of the past when Artificial Intelligence was the concept known to only science-fiction fans or Sci-Fi movies. Instead, AI has become the mainstream technology that many people and companies are seamlessly integrating into applications that have been utilizing in daily life.

Regardless, whether it is utilized for information section or on different errands, Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, and it often used to improve and automate software processes. Perhaps the most well-known AI-driven application is Siri, Apple’s speech recognition software that you can access for multiple purposes.

Today, Artificial Intelligence resolves any task typically using virtual intelligence, although in a better way. However, AI has its pros and cons.

One the one hand, experts feel that Artificial Intelligence is bound to replace all the white-collar jobs and another side; there is a common myth that AI can be used as a complementary technology. For example, Artificial Intelligence can assist doctors in various ways to complete the surgery in a faster, easier and safer manner. Still, it can’t take the place of doctors in an operating room.

Regardless of how moderate and extreme your beliefs are on AI, one thing that is certain about AI is, it is here to stay longer now. And you can quickly notice that many plugins and themes utilizing Artificial Intelligence. While some of the AI-driven plugins are quite useful for content creation and speeding up the web design process but integrating the AI-based plugins to WordPress is relatively a new concept. However, it’s not a bad idea to test them and see how they are empowering the WordPress Website.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your WordPress Website


When it comes to building a website, there are hundreds of things to think upon! And sometimes it is challenging to create a design that has balanced SEO and equivalently user-friendly to deliver the best possible experience. Don’t worry, Artifical Intelligence has extensive features that can streamline some of these tasks and improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Let’s take a deeper look at how AI is contributing to support the WordPress Web Development process:

#1. Enhance WordPress Website Security

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Website security is one of the most critical issues for every business owner. And according to WP White Security, WordPress is such a popular target for malicious hackers. The survey report has revealed that at least 30,823 out of 42,106 identified WordPress Websites have exploitable vulnerabilities. The most surprising fact is 73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable.

However, don’t worry as there is the availability of powerful security plugins with advanced malware detection tied with modern security features to offer you better security protection for your interface. The plugins like Quettra Web Malware Scanner or Akismet uses machine learning to recognize and block spam and other threats immediately. These AI-based plugins often run malware scans to detect almost all the spams submitted either by bots or by actual human users.

The pre-installed malware detection plugins like Akismet uses Artificial Intelligence to scan everything from worms, viruses, spyware, code injection to even auto-generated malicious content. While these plugins are inbuilt, therefore, they automatically keep running in the background without also being noticed.

#2. Make Your Content Error-Free


From polishing your spelling to fixing your grammatical mistakes to offering better word choice, the in-build proofreading feature of WordPress can increase the accuracy of your content.

While content is one of the essential elements in websites and plays a vital role in new visitors’ perceptions of your site, it is crucial to use correct spelling and grammar. Usually, websites with lots of spelling and grammar errors seem less reliable and professional.

The plugins like Wordlift uses AI to process human language and understand the quality of content and type of information that you are trying to convey to the users. These advanced plugins not only make you are writing a perfect piece of content but also make it SEO-friendly.

Also, your word choices can make a significant difference in your content quality. While poor word choices and overused phrases can lead to befuddling sentences, thus minimize the interest of the readers and make them shift to another site.

You must know Jetpack, which adds editing highlight feature to the WordPress. Not only it guides you proper sentence style, structure, and spelling, but it also helps you make it look professional and meaningful. It can even detect the correctly spelled words that are being used in the incorrect context to save you from embarrassing mistakes.

#3. Improve Your WordPress SEO To Improve Visibility on SERPs


SEO is the crucial element of your WordPress Web Development. If you want to succeed in the highly competitive eCommerce, make sure your website ranks on search engines so that users can easily find it.

So instead of just making your website content SEO-friendly, it is equally important to optimize your text, images, and videos. There are two reasons for optimizing your images and content- one it boosts your SEO ranking. Secondly, it minimizes the page load time of your web page.

Optimizing and streamlining your website content, text and images can be a time-draining task as there are a couple of things that required attention in detailed. However, still there are various ways to speed up the process with AI, so you can better focus on creating content and let the plugins do the optimization of your website.

#4. AI-Powered Customer Support

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If you talk about the most essential and practical implementation of AI in the WordPress Theme Development is adding the Chatbots. The AI-driven virtual assistants greet visitors/guests or customers around your WordPress site by immediately replying to their query even while you are not online.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to stay that AI Chatbots have added 24*7 customer support to the website. And luckily, WordPress also offers several influencing chatbot plugins to automate customer services.

There is one such plugin is Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot that can seamlessly interact with your website visitor through both text and voice. And if you are looking for a more advanced plugin with modern features, then a paid version of WP AI Assistant would be the perfect choice for you.

Apart, other plugins you might have interest in:

  • IBM Watson Assistant: You can install this plugin on your WordPress site and let IBM Watson hand the customer query on your website.
  • Instabot: One of the most intelligent chatbot plugins offered by WordPress Development Companies, as it used the combination of AI and NLP to turn conversations into conversion.
  • My Chatbot: An AI-Powered Chatbot for WordPress powered by Dialogflow.

#5. Seamless Language Translation


Have you been working with a single language website? Add multilingual capabilities to your WordPress by leveraging the AI-based Google Language Translator. With the help of this approach, you can quickly get your website translated into multiple languages without even using any manual codings.

Using the Google Neural Machine Translation System, this fantastic plugin delivers the most accurate translation results.


Undoubtedly, the easily adaptable nature of WordPress has extended the functionalities of this platform by integrating AI-based plugins and save you from significant hassles. Using AI-driven plugins to handle some small but essential tasks of your site can free up your time and improve the user’s experience.

Hopefully, you understand how Artifical Intelligence is transforming the functionality of WordPress site and automates such tasks efficiently.

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