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Air Arabia Has Announced Its New Route To Phuket

Are you looking forward to enjoying the beauty of Thailand from UAE with Air Arabia Flights? You can do it now. Find more on this here.

If you want to book Air Arabia flights to Thailand, then there is excellent news for you. The airline has recently announced its new route that will allow you to do so. To regain the trust of the customers, airlines are doing everything they can. Most of them are resuming their suspended flights, and others are offering great deals and packages.

But Air Arabia has done something unique for its customers as it is now offering flights to Phuket. If you are interested and want this service, then continue reading this article till the very end. It contains all the information that you need to know about these news services by Air Arabia.

The Announcement of Airline to Start Flights to Phuket

One of the finest airlines of the United Arab Emirates, “Air Arabia,” has announced that it will start its flights to Phuket. The news came directly from the officials, which means it is confirmed. The airline has even launched the flight schedule as well, and you can find that information in the below part of this article.

Air Arabia is offering direct flights for this new service from the international airport of Sharjah to Phuket. Moreover, the flight operations will start from the 2nd July 2021. So if you have already taken Lahore to Dubai flights, you can now fly from UAE to Phuket by taking advantage of this service.

Flight Schedule

The Air Arabia flights that Air Arabia has launched for the newly announced services, which are starting from 2nd July 2021, are as follows. Keep in mind that the following information mentions the local times.

Flight G9648 (Airbus A321) will depart from Sharjah at 12:20 am, and it will arrive at Phuket at 10:00 pm. The frequency of the flights will be three per week, and the finalized days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Flight G9646 (Airbus A321) will depart from Phuket at 11:00 am, and it will arrive at Sharjah at 2:30 pm. The frequency of the flights will be three per week, and the finalized days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. If you want to travel and need air tickets then faremakers are the best choice for where you can easily buy your favorite tickets according to your affordable rate.

Covid-19 Requirements for the New Service to Phuket

From 1st July 2021, tourists from low-risk nations who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to fly directly into Thailand without having to go through quarantine, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. In addition, travelers will only have to stay in the location where they landed for seven days before traveling to other parts of the country.

Air Arabia is also offering free coronavirus insurance coverage. The best this about this coverage is that it is included in the Air Arabia flight ticket price and does not need travelers to provide any extra paperwork.

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