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What Are the Advantages of Air Shipping?

Transporting goods has always been a major concern for mankind. Initially, “shipping” only referred to transportation via the ocean. Over time, different modes of transportation were introduced, and, today, shipping by air is the preferred method of transporting many products, including electronics, construction equipment, and vehicles. About $6 trillion worth of cargo accounting for 35% of all trade is transported around the globe by air. When it comes to high value and low volume cargos, there is no better method of transportation.

Pros of Air Shipping

1.    Unmatched Speed and Reliability

The primary advantage of air freight is its speed. It is the fastest method of transporting goods, whether it be for international shipping or urgent cargo, like perishables, that would lose much of its value if delivered late. Sure, shipping by land is cheaper and ocean freight forwarding, but nothing matches the reliability and speed of air transportation. Some freight services may claim to offer similar delivery rates, but they will not offer any guarantees.

Wondering how fast air shipping can be? Some international air shipping companies provide same-day delivery, along with on-time arrival and departure.

2.    Consistent Arrival and Departure

Even though ocean shipping rates are lower, customs and harbour fees can add up when you are shipping smaller packages. As a result, you might end up paying air freight rates and still getting your shipment weeks later.

Airlines thrive on their highly reliable arrival and departure times. Flightstats, a data service company focused on commercial aviation, estimates that about 75% of flights have been on time this year. Even a delayed or missed flight will not cost much delay since there are flights every hour. Other than fewer hops, air shipping also minimizes customs fees, making it a valued method of shipping for global export and import companies.

3.    Global Reach

One of the major perks of air shipping is being able to service remote locations. Most airlines have a large network of destinations around the globe. With a much larger range of operations than shipping by land or sea, air shipping offers unmatched global shipping flexibility. Air transportation truly opens doors to many parts of the globe and connects the world. Additionally, bi-directional links can be exchanged by air cargo consolidators between many locations that can help cargos move much faster.

4.    Shipment Tracking

Tracking your package and getting delivery updates are easier with air shipping as you have the name of the flight, as well as its time of take-off and landing. Most air shipping companies also give you access to a web-based system to track the real-time status of your cargo, from destination to arrival.

5.    Lower Cost and Security

Since transit time is shorter for air shipping, you can have better peace of mind about the safety of your goods. Shorter shipping times also mean perishable products and valuable cargos are delivered with less risk of theft.

Air cargo facilities are complex and involve many entities. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the vulnerability in cargo security encourages terrorist and criminal activity. The high level of security to be found at airports, then, acts as an advantage.

As you can see, there are many advantages to shipping by air. While land transportation and ocean shipping may seem more cost-effective in most circumstances, for smaller packages and extremely valuable belongings, air transportation is the smarter choice, especially when time is of the essence.  

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