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Airbnb Option is Yielding Profitable Result For Dubai Landlords

Airbnb Option is Yeilding Profitable Result For Dubai Landlords

Having an issue renting the property for a year? Then the answer lies in short term rental, as most of dubai residents are doing it and they are getting good results. Airbnb is one of the biggest platforms to rent the property for a short time. People use airbnb services because it is cheaper than as compared to hotels. Furthermore, it is more spacious and has every major necessity that we have our homes. Short term rental concept has already followed by dubai landowners, as they are making good money while renting their home for a short time.

Presently, holiday homes dubai is covering only 2 percent of the city's household– which is still the "astounding figures of all other urban communities in the world", as per another report by a reputed firm.

The proportion of Airbnb postings to add up to a number of homes in Paris is 0.8 percent, and 1.2 percent in New York.

Those numbers for Dubai are just going to get higher, as more homes become prepared for occupation.

In the present market for longer term rentals, proprietors are finding that they need to definitely cut their renting requests on the off chance that they are to find the tenants. Not doing as such puts them in danger of leaving the property abandoned for quite a long time… and with no assurance that they would, in any case, get what they inquire.

Short Term Rentals

In a volatile market of dubai real estate where property prices are touching the skies, short term rental is a sigh of relief. Along these lines, momentary rentals are demonstrating to be an alternative to get a type of profits coming in. This is appearing in the numbers.

On the Airbnb stage, there were 10,766 "dynamic postings" of Dubai homes a year ago, of which 61 percent were whole homes or condos. (Neighborhood laws require a whole property to be recorded and not singular rooms or shared convenience, the two of which are subject for substantial punishments.)


Of the recorded properties, 61 percent were one-rooms and 17 percent two-beds, and 13 percent studios.

"Facilitating of guidelines in April 2016 opened the market further, which enabled property holders to lease private homes on a present moment, clear and minimal effort premise.

Furthermore, it's not simply Airbnb riding the waves — Dubai based bnbme has been making openings at the extravagance end of transient rentals, with rates pegged at a large number of dollars daily.

India's OYO as of late broadened its venture into Dubai with Oyo Home.

The last has a present arrangement of 40 homes in Dubai, and with designs to stretch out that to different emirates. Foreign investors are heavily investing in dubai real estate market in hope of a good return on their investment. Buying a home is a bit difficult if you don’t have huge cash in your bank account, this is the main reason short term properties are in huge demand.


As per Vartika Goel, Country Head – UAE, Oyo Hotels: "There is huge market opportunity particularly as individuals have put resources into second homes in top occasion goals over the UAE. Inlet and universal voyagers today are available to pick the solaces of a completely overseen occasion home for short-remains.

"Property holders in Dubai have opened up their homes to this chance." (Average remains at these homes are a few days.)

All in all, where are these holiday homes appearing in Dubai? The Dubai Marina and Downtown are evident decisions, given their status as favored spots for financial specialists getting private resources and after that renting them out. Same with the Palm, Jumeirah Beach Residence and at DIFC.

"Starting at 2018, these sub-markets have a far higher thickness of occasion home units contrasted with 2016, and we have now begun to see momentary rental settlement showing up in new areas east of Shaikh Zayed Road and in the more notable pieces of Dubai north of Za'abeel Park," the report finds.

In any case, proprietors observe – request and the rates they can create will rely upon the area of their property.

As is presently commonly acknowledged, occasion homes have discernibly affected the neighborliness showcase. Anyway, these influences are not felt all around inside Dubai."

Be that as it may, short stay homes accompany sure in-manufactured preferences in Dubai, all the more so with them as of late fabricated. This housing offers highlights that they would have discovered just in inns in urban communities somewhere else.

"One of the real interests of transient rentals in connection to inns explicit to Dubai is the across the board accessibility of subordinate pleasantries, for example, pools and exercise centers in private structures," the report includes. "Dissimilar to different urban communities where such pleasantries are not typical in private structures, they're across the board accessibility limits the hole in item offering between the two item types (inns and offering short-stay homes).

How short stay rates pile facing Dubai's lodging taxes

Landowners can create strong come back from setting up their homes in the short remain/occasion home market.

"When looking at reachable rates between Dubai's vacation homes and lodgings we keep on seeing the occasion home market beat the inn showcase by 64 percent year-to-date June 2018,". "A portion of the variety can be clarified by the way that the occasion home supply is still particularly skewed towards Dubai's upmarket zones, for example, Dubai Marina, JBR, the Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai.

"Interestingly, Dubai's inns are spread over the city, with optional areas shaping most by far of inn supply in the market in total. We will keep on observing this premium accomplished in the occasion home market; anyway as we keep on observing private advancement in auxiliary areas we expect that this premium is probably going to begin to diminish by and large."

Final thoughts

Dubai is a potentially profitable market for the investors, as millions of travelers from all over the world visit it. According to property management companies in dubai, there is a huge demand for short term rental properties as they are more convenient and cheaper than conventional hotels. That is why more and more investment is coming in this sector and we will witness a big change in the real estate dubai market in upcoming years.


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