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Aircraft Lending: The Value Of An Aircraft Lending Service

Aircraft financing is a complex task. There are many aircraft lenders out there, but aircraft lending services are the best option for businesses because they provide a wide range of aircraft loan options. They also offer flexible terms and rates that can be customized to suit your needs.  Aircraft financing companies have the ability to find the lowest rates on the market for your business aircraft needs.

Purchasing an aircraft is not like your weekend shopping at the mall looking for new fancy clothes, and when you find it pretty, you go to the cashier and check-out. It’s more complicated than that. Acquiring an aircraft lending service has the same characteristics as maritime lending. 

People most likely perceive both assets as a representation of social status. And both can be a hobby or for business purposes. But, overall, it has its own purpose and value.

Looking for a piston, turboprop, helicopter, or jet? There are a lot of lending institutions that can help you finance your aircraft with the lowest rates and great deals.

All About Aircrafts

Piston, turboprop, helicopter, and jets are types of aircraft offered by a lot of financing institutions nowadays. Due to the rapid increase in aircraft usage, it is now much easier to acquire the aircraft you want. 

Before 1960, piston aircraft were manufactured and they are harder to finance as they get older. There is a case-to-case basis with these types of aircraft if you want to finance it. 

Though, aircraft that have been manufactured in 1970 or newer are easier to finance. If you prefer an aircraft that is older than 1980, you can expect that these older turbo-props and jets have their limitations. For example, there is a 10, 000-hour frame limit with this type of aircraft.

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How can a business finance an airplane? Aircraft lending services make aircraft financing easy.

Financing an aircraft has many characteristics that need to be taken into consideration. Knowing the right lending service to finance your aircraft is one of the most important factors to consider. Aircraft lending services will provide you with aircraft loans at low rates and flexible terms so that your business is not weighed down by aircraft loans always coming back to haunt you!

An aircraft loan can provide you with cash for your operations, allowing you to expand or improve your business.  Allowing professionals to assist your business in the financing process of an aircraft can have a major impact on your bottom line year over year. 

Here are some examples of how you can finance your aircraft:

  • Direct Lending- this kind of lending typically involves floating interest rates, short terms to maturity, less liquidity, and low correlation with public markets. Direct lenders are non-bank creditors. This type of lending is more likely a subset of private debt.
  • Operate Leasing- this option is selected for people who want a start-up venture and short-term duration. The drawback is that this type of financing is contractual. That means, you get to use the asset but it does not convey the ownership right. This type of leasing is a form of off-balance-sheet financing.
  • Finance Leasing- also known as “capital leasing”, gives the lessee the right to ownership and is treated differently in accounting terms.

Why Is An Aircraft Lending Service Important?

The main function of an aircraft is transportation and convenience. And airline companies contribute greatly to economic growth. However, many people find its value in different aspects of aviation.

Aircraft lending services are important for people that want to start up or use the asset for business purposes. It’s never easy to buy an aircraft with an upfront payment. Which makes lending services around the world for aircrafts very helpful.

When a business is looking to finance their aircraft or jet,  all that matters is how quickly they can complete the loan and get into the air. A quick, painless aircraft loan process is the biggest selling point an aircraft lender can offer.  

They will shop around aircraft financing options to find the best rates for aircraft loans. Aircraft lenders are looking out for your business because they want you to succeed and fly high with lower aircraft loan payments.

Aircraft not only help business and economic growth by convenient transportation. It greatly contributes to healthier communication between people or organizations from different countries. 

Professional Lenders

Choosing the best quality for an asset is our number one priority. We don’t want a home that’s too old, a car where you don’t feel safe because of its poor features, a boat that is too small, and an aircraft that does not meet its quality standards.

It is important to find an aircraft lending service that is built by a team that has expertise in loan and aviation operations. Trust aircraft financing experts, because they know the ins and outs of aircraft loans. You want a financing process with flying colors.  Get started with your aircraft lending services, today!

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