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AKA Netflix Movie 2023 Review- Download, OTT Release Date

In a world where movies can be predictable, Netflix's French action thriller "AKA" is different. It takes viewers on an exciting and thrilling adventure. The story is gripping, the action scenes are well-organized, and the cast is impressive. This movie will leave a lasting impression on those who watch it.

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Director: Morgan S. Dalibert
Screenwriters: Morgan S. Dalibert, Alban Lenoir
Cast: Alban Lenoir, Eric Cantona, Thibault de Montalembert, Sveva Alviti, Lucille Guillaume, Saïdou Camara, Kevin Layne, Philippe Résimont, Nathalie Odzierejko, Noé Chabbat, Vincent Heneine

Release Date: Apr 28, 2023 (France)

Source: AKA.2023.FRENCH.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-WDYM

Language: French, English (Dual Audio)

Subtitle Language: English

So, here’s an honest AKA movie review for you!

"AKA" Netflix 2023" is an action thriller film in French directed by Morgan S. Dalibert. It follows the story of Adam Franco, a special ops agent who goes undercover in a criminal organization for a secret mission. As he forms a close bond with the mob boss's young son, he starts questioning the morality of his assignment.

Alban Lenoir, who plays the lead role of Adam Franco, has been outstanding in the movie. You might recognize him from his previous works like "Lost Bullet" and its sequel. The film also features notable actors such as Eric Cantona, Noé Chabbat, Kevin Layne, and Ramzy Bedia.

Now, let's get into the plot summary and movie synopsis to understand the movie's ending.

The story begins with Adam Franco who is in prison in Libya. He manages to escape, fights back against his captors, and shoots a woman named Sonia. Then, the movie shows news about an attack on a hotel in Paris. Minister Marconnet, who is worried about the person blamed for the attack, Moktar Al Tayeb, tries to hide his past connection with Moktar.

To get into Victor Pastor's criminal group, which is linked to Moktar, Marconnet assigns Adam to the task. He tells Adam not to use a fake name because they need to act. Adam's job is to earn Victor's trust and gather information. He blackmails one of Victor's gang members, Jacques, catching Victor's attention and recruiting Adam.

Adam: The Man Who Proved His Worth

Adam proves his trustworthiness, becomes Jonathan's (Victor's son) bodyguard, and forms a bond with him.

But, problems arise when Jonathan's sister, Helene, discovers Adam's dark past. She starts to doubt Adam's presence in her brother's life. During Jonathan's birthday party, Adam tries to record Victor's office, but Victor catches him. Adam manages to cover it up as a game of hide-and-seek with Jonathan. Adam's friends, Mona and Cisko, intercept a conversation between Moktar and Victor, which reveals a forthcoming operation.

Adam joins Victor's group for a mission, but they get trapped by Amet's men. Adam saves the injured men and discovers that Natalya, Victor's wife, has betrayed them. He gives her money to escape, but she is accused of betraying Amet, leading to Jonathan's kidnapping. Victor refuses to pay the ransom, so Adam rescues Jonathan. After a confrontation with Amet, Adam saves Jonathan but gets injured.

Moktar: The Man Who Was Framed

Marconnet invites Kruger to his house and shows him a photo left by Moktar. The photo captures a moment when they held hands during a meeting to settle their differences. Meanwhile, Kruger receives a message from Mona informing him that Adam has been captured and Cisko is unreachable because he got hurt while trying to help Adam. So, Adam finds out where Moktar is hiding and confronts him along with Asaan. Adam shoots Moktar in the knee and holds them at gunpoint, demanding information about their operation and why they needed money.

It turns out that Moktar needed the money for a medical procedure for his daughter, who got injured during the hotel attack. Earlier, he was blamed for the same reason. Luckily, the operation was successful, and Moktar's daughter's life was saved. Moktar reveals that Marconnet invited him to France to discuss a cease-fire in South Sudan. But, Marconnet and the French took the country's advantage for their personal gains. The worst part? They did it even after getting praised for helping the Sudanese gain freedom in the 1980s.

So, What Happens to Moktar?

Moktar's fate takes a surprising turn as Adam's perspective on his mission changes. After hearing Asaan talk about the harm caused to Moktar's daughter by someone like Adam, he decides not to shoot Moktar. But, some members of Kruger's team, following Marconnet's instructions, arrive at the scene and end up killing Moktar. Adam helps Asaan escape from the unexpected attack. Asaan drives Adam away to keep them safe. Unfortunately, Mona is killed, and Helene gets arrested. Victor enjoys a drink after getting rid of Natalya, but Kruger kills him.

Later, a newspaper published a photo of Marconnet and Moktar, the same photo left for Kruger. The newspaper describes Moktar as a terrorist with suspicious connections to Moktar Al Tayeb. Adam takes Jonathan and puts him under the care of child protective services. When Helene is released from prison, she tries to contact their office but was denied access without a serial number. Desperate, she reaches out to Adam, who agrees to meet her on a bus. He brings Jonathan with him. Without Helene knowing, Kruger hides in the backseat, planning to kill her. But, Adam steps in and kills Kruger instead. He then sits next to Helene, suggesting a shift in his loyalty to be on the right side of history.

And with that, we come to the end of the story….

Is AKA Movie (2023) on Netflix Worth Watching?

If you're a fan of this kind of movie, you'll love AKA! Even with a limited budget, the action scenes are well-executed. It may not be as fast-paced as those action movies from Southeast Asia or the recent John Wick films. But there are still plenty of impressive headshots to please you.

Moreover, the entire AKA movie 2023 cast is fantastic. Every actor has contributed in the best way possible to their roles! Lenoir's character, Adam Franco, is a formidable force. He possesses the perfect combination of skills to make him a fantastic addition to a film series like Extraction. This guy has it all: remarkable physicality, impressive shooting skills, and mental toughness.

Although the cast has been great, some characters, including Adam, may seem shallow and cliché. But here's the thing: the film does enough with them to keep the story going and build up to the next exciting moment. And here's a cool twist: Adam Franco has a soft spot for protecting young children. That unexpected touch of humanity adds a whole new layer and gives the film a heartfelt emotion.

So, for all you action movie fans out there, Netflix AKA movie offers a slower and more nuanced approach to storytelling. The movie delivers some solid action. And with Adam Franco leading the way, get ready for a thrilling experience filled with intense fights, precise shooting, and unexpected moments of emotion.

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