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Alex Mendieta, A Controversial Speaker

There are some prominent public speakers in the history of public speaking who are known for their ability to tell the truth, no matter how difficult it is to digest. Most of such speakers are often considered controversial due to their speech's bluntness, and almost each one of those has come off as offensive to the public at some point.


Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta is one such public speaker known to take his audience by surprise by stating facts that are often very unsettling and non-easy to digest. He is known for his no-filter attitude and the art of truth-telling, which has helped him, gather a loyal audience on top of his community's hatred. Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta was last seen delivering his speech in 2016, where he explicitly stated why he does not want to be a part of this program anymore. 

According to Alejandro (Alex), Mendieta teaching others how he processed his thoughts and giving them an insight into his ideas is a bad idea as they would become his future competitors. Later in an interview, he hinted at starting his public speaking journey once again and donates his earnings to charities.


What changed Alex’s mind?


Although Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta is known to deliver controversial speeches, a considerable portion of all his earnings is donated to charity. Maybe this act of giving and kindness is also applicable for his wish to start public speaking once again. Alex has been fond of charities and has been actively participating in quite a lot of charitable projects all over the world. In 2016, he started two of his own charitable projects, and maybe those are the reasons why he wants to continue public speaking. Moreover, Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta has two self-funded charities under his name, and public speaking more often will help the cause of these charities immensely.


Alex had started both of these charities in the year 2016, and they are primarily focused on the well-being of deprived students and children. “Give a child a bike” is one of the charities that Alex actively roots for, and this program targets to donate bikes to the kids in Vietnam so that they do not have to walk such long distances to reach their schools.


The second charity focuses on helping international students surpass their university course and is named “Alex Mendieta Scholarship.” 


Seeing things from Alex’s viewpoint


Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta has always been straightforward with his views, and more than often, he seems to not care about the way his audience receives his thoughts. This ability to hold his own ground and truthful no matter what has made many people admire him. 


Alex is often seen to speak upon matters and subjects and provide his audience with critical data, which would have been challenging to view otherwise. According to Alex, political correctness is nothing more than having low self-esteem, and it is quite unusual to witness the growth of hypocrisy in this generation. 


Alex is also seen to state his views and concerns with the government and legal systems on how minorities are treated. According to Alex, trying to satisfy the minorities of the state by pleasing them with biased decisions is a helpless cause that must be stopped. The government should better focus on the majority's well-being rather than pleasing such useless groups and their petty demands.


These are just some of Alejandro's primary topics (Alex). Mendieta feels like expressing his views, but his audience is pumped up for a lot more of his speeches in the year 2021.

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