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All about the Interesting Tips and Trips for Child Head Lice Control

Get an idea about the Head Lice Prevention tips to save you from the lice infection and to save the other people as well from the infection of the lice. It is the small insects that are present in the hair. It cannot jump and fly but it can move quickly from head to head. The size of the lice is very small and it is a very irritating insect for us. So, if you see that any lice come in your hair, you need to remove it instantly from your head. Otherwise, if you become lazy for removing the lice, its reproduction growth will exceed.


The treatment to remove the lice infection does not come in the medical cases. So, you can remove the lice from your head by doing the treatment in your home. You can do the treatment by using the oil and use the other safety method for lice control. So, here I will discuss both the treatment procedure to prevent the spreading of the lice. You will get an idea about to effectively prevent and control the spreading of the lice in a very common way but it is important for you.


The Basic Step for Child Head Lice Control


You need to follow the basic steps and tips for control the spreading of the lice infection from one person to the new person so few of the tips are described below.


Avoid Head to Head


In the school and playing areas, it is usually seen that mostly children sit together and their heads are interacting with one other. If any children have lice in their head, chances of the spreading of the lice to the nearby heads are more. So, you need to advise your children that they should not share hair with one other during playing and working. It will reduce the spreading of lice infection to nearby people.


Change Clothes


You need to change the clothes immediately after any event. So, if lice fall on the clothes, it will stop to run to the nearby clothes. You need to throw your clothes for washing and use high-quality detergents that will stop the lice growth.


Comb on the Daily Bases


Combing the hair is beneficial to increase the look and beauty of the hair. But, in case of lice infection, a special type of comb that has a sharp needle you need to use. By using this type of comb, you will be able to capture a lot of lice in your comb and it becomes easier for you to kill the lice. Repeat the process again and again for capturing and killing the lice will reduce its growth and one time comes you will see that no lice left in your hand.


Remove the Bed Sheet


The lice infected person should not share their things and objects with other people. So, the bed sheet of the bed and cover of the sofa should be changed with a specific time interval to prevent the spreading of the lice infection.


Vacuum the Floor


While walking on the floor, chances of the fallen of the lice will be more. So, you need to clean and wash your floor on the daily bases to kill the lice. It will help to reduce the growth of the lice.


Bath Daily


The effective way to kill the lice is by cleaning the hairs with the shampoo. In the shampoo, a lot of chemicals are present that help to prevent the growth of the lice. In this way, cleaning the hairs and bathing with time will reduce the lice infection rate and control to spreading of the lice to the nearby people.


Which Things You Can Use for Lice Control


In addition to the basic steps, you can wash your hair by using the following agents to prevent the growth of the lice. So, a few of them are described below.




Use the vinegar in the distilled forms and apply it on the hair. Wait for the few minutes and then rinse the hair gently. The vinegar will be mix with your hair and kills the lice growth. By washing the hair from the clean water, the applied vinegar and Killen lice will be removed from your hair. Repeating the process for a few days will permanently remove the lice from your hair.


Olive Oil


You can use olive oil to apply on your hair. You need to spray on your hair and then mixed it properly. Make sure that olive oil looks saturated and absorbed in your hair. It will break the eggs of the lice so no more lice will grow in your hair. After a few times, you need to remove the olive oil from your hair by cleaning your head with the shampoo. You will be able to remove the olive oil and lice from your hair quickly.


Tea Tree Oil


The best home remedies for removing the lice from your hair are by using the tea tree oil. It should be mixed with the water and make a solution of it earlier than using. Then, spray the diluted oil in your hair and mixed it properly. After meanwhile, you need to clean and wash your hair by cleaning water. You will see that lot of lice kills in your hairs and it will also stop to re-grow the lice in your head.




The best way is to kill the lice in your hair by using the garlic. It will rinse on the hair and wait for 30 minutes. Then, clean your hair with warm water to remove the garlic and killed lice from your head.


Petroleum Jelly


The top way is to remove the lice and kill it in the track of hair by using the petroleum jelly. You need to apply it in your hair and mixed it properly. Then, comb the hair and you will see that lot of lice come out from your head by interacting the needle of the comb. So, you need to remove it to stop the growth of lice.


What to do While Combing


  • You need to sit in front of the person who is going to remove your lice.
  • The back of yours should be in front of them.
  • You need to keep a towel or clean clothes on your shoulders.
  • Try to sit in the brighten areas.
  • Parts the hairs and see with your eyes.
  • If you see any lice is moving in your head, capture it with your hand, and kill it so it will stop the smooth prevention of the lice spread.
  • If you are not able to see the lice, you need to apply the oil in the hair.
  • Then, mix the oil and start combing.
  • On every turn and round of combing, check the comb and kill the lice.
  • After repeating the entire process many times, you need to stop combing.
  • The clothes that you put on your shoulders should be check.
  • During combing, a lot of lice will fall on the clothes so kills that lice that are present on the clothes.




Whatever the procedure you want to choose for the Child Head Lice Control, make sure that it should not apply to the kids and children who are lesser than 2 years. Medical oil should be applied only to the adults for removing the lice from their hairs. Do not use detergents such as gasoline and others that have side effects?

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