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All That You Need to Know About Dream 11 Predictions

If you are from India, you must have heard about Dream11 fantasy app. If yes, then you can make money by using our dream11 prediction to create best team on this app. India is one country where we all play with the cricket team. Even if it is just a game, it is more than that to many of us. We eat, sleep and breathe cricket. We join in the happiness of the nation with every sixer and share the sorrow with every loss of wicket. We, as a nation, also believe that we could do a good job of selecting the team as well as the selectors.

Cricket season is the peak season in our country throughout the year. The betting sites are all abuzz with action. We also predict our team for every game and our dream 11 predictions today are based on the study of various stats, player updates, weather updates and all other factors that could be responsible for a player being picked or dropped for the game.

What Is Dream 11?

Dream 11 is the team that should, according to you, play a particular game in a particular match in order to make the game exciting and nail-biting to the finish. Dream 11 is also a game that is popular among more than 2 crore sports lovers that allows you to pick this team within your given budget of 100 credits.

How Do You Pick the Teams?

You start with selecting an upcoming match that you are interested in. You will get a list of all the players in the teams with the ratings and the credits required for including them in your team. You can thus pick your favourite players that will constitute your Dream 11. As you select your team, you can select wicket keepers, batsmen, all-rounders and bowlers in your team. You also have to select the captain and the vice-captain for the team. You can change your team until the beginning of the game. You can create multiple teams for the same match if you have sufficient credits.

How Do You Participate?

Once your team is finalised, you can join a contest. There are different contests with different joining fee and accordingly different winning potential. You can also join practice contests if you are new to the game and just want to experience the thrill before jumping into the bigger contests. When the game starts, you collect points depending on how the players in your team perform. Your scorecard gets updated every 2 minutes. The Captain scores double the points, while the Vice-Captain gets you 1.5 times the points scored in the actual game

How Are the Points Scored?

The points are awarded to each player depending on whether they are selected in the final 11, the runs they score, the wickets they take and the mode of taking the wicket. You lose points if your player is dismissed for a duck (all but bowlers). You also get bonus points for every boundary, six, half century and century. Maiden overs, strike rate, economy rate and number of wickets taken also get you bonus points. These points vary by the format of the match being played.

The player to get the highest score in the contest is declared the winner.

Often when you are watching a cricket match and it doesn’t seem to be the way you want it to, you blame the team selection, saying, “If only Player A was selected instead of Player B, the game would have been different.” With Dream 11 prediction, you get a chance to create your own team or rather predict the team that should be selected.

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