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All That You Should Know About HTML5 Game and License

The year 2018 has been very competitive, this year, i.e. 2019 is expected to be even hotter and competing for the HTML5 game dev community. That’s why many HTML5 publishers and distributors are available online. The difference between the publishers and distributors has been given below.

HTML5 Game Publishers

HTML5 Game Publishers are generally those that have a number of portals or game sites that generate millions of monthly visitors and that monetize directly either dealing with advertisers directly or with ad networks such as AdSense.

HTML5 Game Distributors

HTML5 Distributors are known for aggregating HTML5 games with the purpose to provide them to publishers or to create white-label portals that can be used by other websites with high traffic and monetize.

In general, publishers and distributors provide an SDK of their own for incorporating your HTML5 game into their system. They are easy to integrate and can offer features aiming at cross-marketing, analytics, and monetization via advertising. As for the business model, not all publishers can differ.

Why HTML5 Game

No doubt, there is a substantial decrease in app exploration and downloads users over the past few years. That’s why there is an increase in the demand for HTML5 games. These games are developed to offer a solution for providing users with an entertainment service without any friction. There are many companies that are known for giving the world’s best HTML games to their customers in a simple but complete solution. The best thing with the game is that you can play it without downloading it. This game runs online and doesn’t need to be installed or downloaded.

One can play this game anywhere with their smartphone, laptop, smart TV, tablets, and desktops irrespective of the operating system.

HTML5 Community

The community that is associated with HTML5 game express their acknowledgment that most used models are the non-exclusive license. This means that you are free to sell user licenses of your HTML5 game to as many distributors or publishers as you are able to do.

On the other hand, with an exclusive license, you are able to give the utilization rights to your game to only one publisher. Selecting one model or another is naturally dependent on the safe figure. As said earlier, it is much less common to sell exclusive licenses that it is to non-exclusive ones. Finally, some HTML5 Publishers game run their business by offering a model based on the distribution of the income which is produced by game. The publishers, and the traffic that the game generates depending on the type of game, this is an option to bear in mind.

Business Model

Many companies are available online that work on different business models. If you want to get a license HTML5 games, then look for a company which is ready to work with on revenging and sharing. The business that usually companies work on:

  • Advertising - Advertising is a business model. It is witnessed to display ads and get a share of the revenue.
  • Licensing - To get the flat monthly fee is required. It helps you in selecting titles and geographic.
  • Subscription- This allows you to charge your end users and share revenue with the company.

HTML5 Game Developer

If you are looking out for an HTML5 Game Developer, then find them online. Almost every top company us available on the internet these days to better serve their customers. A good company accepts payment online. All their payments are made monthly, both to and from their partners (depending on business models). However, it is essential to know that not all the companies are ready to sell their game. They are not ready to give you the copyright to for your website or app. But, you can license them to provide free online html5 games to your users and earn money rather than paying the company.


The demand for the HTML5 game is increasing day by day. Whether you’re a tech platform or an app, a content website or an OEM, inflight entertainment to Mars or anything else in between, you can find HTML5 games for licensing. To get the best one, look for the best HTML5 game publisher program online.

Naveen is a digital marketing professional with over 4 years of experience. Presently, he is incredibly passionate about software, technology, website design, paid marketing, and content marketing.
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