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All The Reasons Why Cable TV Continues To Prevail

All The Reasons Why Cable TV Continues To Prevail

Cable TV service has been facing tremendous competition from other entertainment options inundating the market. Most believe that this is the end of the cable TV era.

However, despite IPTV and streaming service options on the menu for customers, cable TV still continues to prevail. There must be a compelling reason behind its stubborn ubiquity. 

Here are some secrets to its longevity, which is equivalent to the nine lives of a cat.

Secret No. 1 Robust Connection

Cable TV will never leave you in the worst of storms unless it has issues in its system due to a broken cable. If you are utilizing Charter Spectrum’s cable service, one call to the Spectrum TV customer service and your problem is fixed as soon as possible. On the whole, cable TV remains quite stable throughout its service tenure. 

Reception is far more dependable than an over-the-air service such as satellite television or airwave broadcasts. These services are most likely to ditch you during a storm and leave you stuck in your house with no means of news or entertainment. 

If you are one of those individuals, who want to avoid suffering from boredom during these difficult times, opt for a cable TV service. 

Secret No. 2 Bundling is Directly Proportional to Savings

As substitutes to cable TV service have flooded the market, cable TV providers are racing to entice their customers with attractive plans and bundling offers that are quite hard to refuse.  

These providers give you the option to bundle with one or all of their other services such as phone, internet, and even cellular services with cable TV.

Depending on what your internet, connectivity, and entertainment needs are, you have hundreds of bundling options on the table and even customizable ones as well. Nevertheless, usually ISPs such as the the likes of Cox and Charter Spectrum™, offer dozens of plans that cater to everyone from a solitary individual to a ginormous household. 

These bundling choices seek to save you plenty of money; the more you bundle, the more you save. Moreover, you are saved from the hassle of soliciting with more than one vendor. 

Secret No. 3 Not So Pricey

Enjoying a stable and no-nonsense entertainment service like cable TV can be fairly easy on your pocket. That is if you refrain from adding too many options. Sure, the initial costs associated with hardware installation do a number on your finances — the huge initial cost is a prerequisite with every known service, but it’s quite less costly than a satellite service. Moreover, subsequent months in the service tenure more than compensate for it. 

Besides, FCC calls for all cable TV providers to offer basic cable package that includes broadcast channels along with local channels. Therefore, there can be no inexpensive alternative to cable TV in terms of entertainment. 

Secret No. 4 Cable Has It All

Cable TV companies have really leveled up their services and offer myriad of other options that make entertainment more accessible to you anywhere. Most providers usually include options like On-Demand movies and TV shows, integration of premium channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, ENCORE, NETFLIX, Ultra HD Viewing, Sports Packages, International Programming, on-the-go apps that let you take your TV anywhere, etc.

On the other hand, cable programming options are unavailable on over-the-air and satellite TV. Hence, for additional entertainment choices, customers have to go to different vendors.

Concluding Note

While cable TV still sustains itself with tempting offers and services, it has its bad days. For instance, a single provider holding monopoly in a certain area doesn’t hold customer satisfaction in the highest regards; hence, dreadful customer service is expected. 

Moreover, they may have a spectacular variety of packages and plans, but those often tend to befuddle consumers. Very few providers are upfront about the actual cost of their cable TV services as they tend to skyrocket in the second year, and ISPs often prompt you to sign a contract in order to acquire a discount.

To make a well-informed decision, you have to thoroughly scrutinize the ISPs website and compare prices across various service providers.

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