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All The Software Every Successful Mortgage Lender Needs

Being a mortgage lender is a tough job that many people find overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Finding the right fit for a client while still making money can be difficult, and there are always moving parts to keep track of. Whatever your needs might be, there are many software tools that you could use to make your job a little easier. This list will help you find the right tools to help you take your business to the next level.


1. Data Sharing 

You'll most likely have to share data with your clients throughout the loan process, so having a financial data aggregator is a good way to make the process go more smoothly and prevent miscommunication. You clients will gain a more accurate understanding of their own financial situation, which in turn will make doing your job a whole lot easier. Both you and your clients will be able to make more informed decisions regarding their loan, and you'll have a much easier time coming to an agreement about interest rates.


2. Time Trackers

Your time is your most valuable asset as a mortgage lender. Knowing where your time is going is just as important as any other aspect of your business. If you find yourself without extra time and want to bring on another partner or employee, a time management app is a great way to find out exactly how much help is needed. A lot of valuable data can be gathered about how much time you spend on various tasks and will help you to make necessary changes for greater productivity.

Even something as simple as Google Calendar can help you plan meetings around your schedule, and reviewing your week each Friday will give you an idea of how you spent your time. You'll find that you have more time and energy to give to your clients, and your own needs, if you use a simple time management app.


3. Outsourced Work

There may be times, whether you're a private business or part of a larger company, when the workload is too large to be handled on your own and you'll want a little extra help. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of contracted work sites, like UpWork or WeWorkRemotely, to find the right person for a temporary task.

You can quickly find and contract a professional who will be able to handle tasks with little to no supervision, without the hassle of going through the scouting and hiring process. Outsourcing work will help you to save money while still offering your clients the best possible service.


4. Social Media

If you're trying to get your brand out there, chances are you're investing some amount of time into one or more social media platforms. Social media tools, such as Buffer, will help you to hit every platform at once with one click of a button. If you have a team managing your social accounts, they'll be able to use the software to communicate and collaborate on PR and marketing projects, making it easy to have a united front and a seamless internet presence. Only one login is required for all accounts, making it easier to track your internet safety and change passwords if necessary.


5. Signing the Dotted Line

Chances are, in your line of work, there are many times when you'll need someone's signature but don't have time to set up a meeting. Signature software, such as DocuSign, will help you to safely and quickly get accurate signatures from clients. The software is easy to use on both ends of the deal, and documents will be digitized for a simple and streamlined experience. Something that used to require a time consuming meeting can now be done within minutes, simply by sending an email.


Whatever your personal business needs, software will help you to get the job done. Download one of the apps on this list and start serving your clients better today.

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