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All You Need To Know About ‘Abogados de Accidentes’

Imagine, you just had an accident unfortunately. Two cars crashed into each other, and unfortunately the small one was yours and therefore, your car got so damaged because of the other car’s fault. Along with that, you also got yourself injured. Certainly, you got your own insurance in an insurance company. But you are facing some difficulties dealing with them. Also, you are supposed to get a compensation from that car owner who got into yours. Also, you have to fix your car as well as bear your own medical bills. All these things are quite hectic and takes experience to deal with. Certainly, it is pretty hard for you to deal by your own. Solution? Here is where abogados de accidentes(accident lawyers) come to rescue.

Well, accident lawyers basically do the exact same thing that is stated above. These cases seem to be quite interesting and fun to deal with and therefore, lots of young people aspire to become one. So, let’s go deeper into what these lawyers actually do and how things work.

Before we get into the details, we need to know the overall goal that is to be achieved. An accident lawyer or car accident lawyer will work hard to make sure that you get the proper compensation that you need to bear the financial burdens that came up with the accident. This compensation may include injury, lost wages, damages of the car, damages to other properties etc. The main objective is to get the proper compensation to compensate these financial burdens.

Let’s get into things that allows a lawyer to win the case. Here is a list of things that your attorney is supposed to do:

  • Deal with insurance companies: As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of back and forth with insurance companies in case of a car accident. These companies will try to avoid paying a settlement their level best. They will have their own experts for this and therefore, it is wise to have one from your side as well.
  • Obtain evidence: The client certainly needs some evidences in favor of him to win the case and get the deserved compensation. It may include talking to witnesses, gathering police reports and analyzing them, getting medical records etc. If these are in your favor, it will help you claim your success.
  • Negotiating with insurers: Negotiation is indeed a special skill that everyone does not have. An attorney will certainly be fat better at settling a car accident case than the client himself will be. As they are experienced, they will have an idea about the value of the case and will be able to reach to an agreement.

We actually talked about what these lawyers actually do. Now, in the end this is a personal business. And in every busyness, the ultimate goal is to earn money. Let’s have a look at how car accident attorneys get money:

  • Contingency fee: Let’s make it simple. Contingency fee means the fee that the attorney gets after he wins the case and brings a good amount of compensation successfully. The attorney will fight the case on behalf of the client and try to negotiate and bring a targeted amount of compensation. There is a pre-negotiated percentage between the attorney and client that what percentage of that compensated amount will go to the attorney. These vary from country to country. For example, almost 25 to 40% of the money goes to the attorney, usually 33.33% on average. In this method, the attorney doesn’t get money until the case ends. And if he fails to win the case and bring the money, the client doesn’t owe any money to the attorney.
  • Per hour fees: There are lots of attorneys who work for payment on the basis of hours they work. The client will be paying the hourly fee regardless of whether they win the case or not. Well, this is not something very common to see though.

Well, we see lots of accidents all around us. The population is increasing and so is the number of cars on the roads. Therefore, the demand of personal injury lawyers or car accident attorneys are on the rise.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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