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All You Need To Know About Good PS4 Camera

Are you feeling that your gaming routine has become boring? Do you find yourself streaming your game with friends? If the answer to any of these questions to "yes", then it's likely that you require an PS4 Camera.

It's accessory that can enhance your gaming experience. In reality, it is much more than just a camera. The device comes with a myriad of options to keep you entertained for a long time.

Contrary to the Microsoft Kinect, Sony sells this accessory on its own. This is a way to lower the cost upon the launch. A lot of games use different features of the device. Therefore, adding it to your gaming system can add an additional level of gaming. Let's see if it's worth it or not.

What is a PS4 Camera?

The device is the successor to PlayStation Eye, an accessory made specifically for PS3. Cameras for PS4 was released the first day following the release of PlayStation 4 in 2013. There was another version released in 2016, which was PS4 camera V2. This version included some changes over the first.

this site device being described as a camera is an understatement. It is an accessory with more features rather than a camera. It allows you to make use of features such as face recognition as well as voice commands VR, and so on. quickly. It is essentially that, using this device is a great way to enjoy an improved experience with your PS system.

If you were to ask us what is a PS4 Camera is, we think it's an experience-enhancing device. A variety of compatible games will offer users a totally new experience, with the real-life.

Best PS4 Camera Review

The device has many interesting options, such as the ability to sign in with facial recognition. It will scan your face and make the avatar in game look as you do. Options like voice navigation and command options are also offered.

Cameras play a crucial role of the VR system as well as Augmented Reality. Don't forget the amazing motion control technology Sony employed in this device.

Features and how they Help

Sony's face recognition technology is a game changer in PlayStation 4. It will alter the way you've been using the console. Face recognition is a feature that allows it is not necessary to put into characters key by keys. Face recognition can detect your face, and then sign you into your account. This feature is extremely useful in situations where multiple people are using the same PS4.

Another intriguing feature is the face scanning. It is possible that you have noticed in games such as FIFA, NBA lets you create your own avatar. It is now possible to look your face through the camera, and create it look as convincing as you can.

It also has excellent motion tracking, particularly that head tracking feature. You can make a plan to tilt your head to be part of the control. In certain games, it is possible to tilt your head in order to get look into the corner. Some games used this feature to its fullest extent. Furthermore, other games are fully motion-based. It is dependent on the players' ability to make utilization of this function.

The voice command could alter how you respond to the navigation system. It is possible to utilize it to navigate the system but also for games. In certain FIFA releases, you can perform substitutions using voice. This is an extremely useful and innovative feature for sure.

Virtual Reality has made some significant progress since its beginning. For the Sony VR system, this device plays a vital function. It is able to detect the LEDs inside an integrated headset. By doing this, it is able to give better control of motion for the user. Sony is also using this camera to provide users with an effortless AR experience. Its Sony PS4 camera is crucial for both AR as well as VR systems.

Then, why would you purchase an gaming camera even if you don't intend to stream? With this camera allows you to stream your gaming experience to your pals or even make it available to the public. It's really simple to stream on the most well-known streaming platforms. PlayStation Store has an application that allows you to stream live on Twitch. Download the app, then follow some steps, and you'll be broadcasting live in minutes!

Additional Features

The maximum resolution it can support has 1200x800 pixels. The lens is fixed-focus and features an 85-degree angle of view. Both lenses are used together to provide depth perception.

Another benefit is the built-in microphone.

Who could benefit from it?

If you feel that games are getting boring or you don't have numerous options. It is possible that you need this to explore new areas. Through VR streaming and and motion tracker, you could discover an exciting new direction.


  • Resolutions: [email protected], [email protected] Hz, [email protected] Hz
  • The Field of View is 85 Degree
  • Connection Type Connection Type: Connect Type:
  • Microphone 4 Channeled array
  • Recording Format The two formats are RAW and YUV.
  • Generation 8thgeneration
  • Dimension:18.6 centimeters x2.7 centimeters x2.7 cm
  • Weight of 183 grams


  • Simple to install
  • Great capture quality
  • High-quality microphone
  • Very Intuitive

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