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All you need to know about hotel room comfort


Experience, although intangible, stays with one forever. When it comes to hospitality, only the experience matters. And to enhance your experience, hotels don’t shy away from investing in quality over quantity. It is a huge selling point for them. To attract customers, various marketing techniques and propaganda are used. But the marketing techniques can attract customers once but cannot fool them into making an irrational choice twice.

People weigh and assess their choices more carefully when they start moving in that direction. Therefore, it is important to make them feel that they are paying an appropriate amount for the service being offered and are not being looted. It is here that we facilitate hotels in this endeavor of theirs.

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If comfort meter was a device of measuring comfort, it would have been used for assessing the comfort level that hotel rooms provide. Of course, the linen laid would have been the matter of assessment. In the hospitality industry, SoftTouch Linens has been able to leave a mark and carve out a niche for itself. One of the ace hotel linen suppliers UK, the range of our products goes beyond linen. There is a lot of variety in the linen category like linen sets, percale collection, flat sheets, duvet covers, fitted sheets and bed skirts.

A bed without pillows is like ice cream without a cherry on the top. It is incomplete. Being a one stop shop for hotel supplies, we have a collection of microfiber pillow, goose down pillow, feather n down pillow and pillow protectors as well to choose from. Although they differ in name but they perform the same function, which is to provide the utmost comfort. The bed skirts and pillow covers are something that cannot be left out of the purchase. The stuff that grants longevity to a product.

In the percale collection, plain weave, medium weight fabric has been used which gives the sheets a crisp yet soft feel. The silkiness of the sheet is determined by its thread count. Higher the thread count, silkier the sheet. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a collection which is royal and luxurious in all senses and can be used for various purposes. Apart from the thread count, the quality of cotton used is superior. It is one of the main determinants of quality. It is something that we can’t be compromised on.

As hotel linen suppliers, our linen sets are in high demand by luxury hotels. To cater to their needs, we have been working on various collections and technologies. We have flat sheets made with superior Egyptian cotton. It is the quality that our brand is known for. Neatly stitched with fine edges and super fine texture, it compels guests to feel the sheets before getting on the bed.

The various types of hotel pillows suppliers in UK products on offer are microfibre pillow, goose down pillow, feather n down pillow and pillow protectors which differ only in purpose but provide the same comfort. The microfibre pillows are lighter than air. They can be taken as per the comfort of a person. To give comfort and rest, goose down pillow is the right choice. For six to eight hours of tight sleep, goose down pillow should be the choice to make. How much so ever tired a person may be, when they rest their head on our goose down pillow, they will forget all their tiredness and have a peaceful sleep.

The quality is an assurance and so is the longevity. There hasn’t been a product in the market that can compete with the quality in the price that we offer. After all, we haven’t carved out a niche for ourselves without working on these aspects. To take care of the customer is the greatest service that we can offer.

According to a recent study, 83% of people prefer to go to hotels to experience luxury- the way of life that they do not experience daily. What makes that experience memorable? What is it that people seek when they are choosing between different hotels with the same cost per night? It is the comfort and experience that makes them narrow down their choice and it is here that we help; help both people and hoteliers.

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