All You Need To Know About Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is a discipline of business that mainly deals with the management of people's affairs in organizations. The discipline requires one to have a combination of assertiveness, emotional intelligence as well as being business savvy. The main role of human resource managers is to balance the goals of a company with the wellbeing of the employees. It is therefore necessary for any human resource manager to have some interpersonal skills for him or her to manage the company effectively. This article is describing all aspects of human resource management.

What Are The Necessary Skills Of A Human Resource Professional?

Any human resource professional should have the following skills:

1        Basic business knowledge and skills

2        Strong communication and writing skills

3       High level of critical thinking

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4       Strong interpersonal skills

5        Resilience and patience

These are the essential skills that any Human Resource manager ought to have. And you can find them in the best HR books.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Human Resource Department

Depending on the companies, the roles and responsibilities of the human resource manager varies. Bigger companies have a team of HR managers working in different areas.While smaller companies can have one or two managers. Some of the common roles and responsibilities of HR include:

1.      Hiring And Recruiting

It is the role of HR department to advertise for  vacancies offered by the companies and conducting interviews on the applicants. The Human Resource manager should recruit employees who are competent in the relevant field and consider the goals of the company. The hr professionals who are dealing with the practice of hiring and recruiting ought to also understand labour laws.

2.      Developing Employees

The hr department also has to assess the performance of the company. And identify which department in the firm has some weaknesses. It should then organize some training programs for the employees as a way of addressing their weaknesses. This will ensure that the employees are productive and will help the company to perform excellently.

3.      Developing The Company

The department should also conduct some surveys and analyze on the issues facing the companies. The HR professionals should then come up with plans on how to solve the problems facing the company. It should as well come with development plans, present them to the owner of the company. If the boss agrees with the plan, it is upon the HR department to come up with strategies on how the projects will be conducted.

4.      Managing Funds

Management of finances is one of the key roles of the Human Resource department. It is the department that deals with salaries and stipends of the employees. The department also ensures that the company complies with the tax agencies of the land. It ensures that its employees are covered with some insurance provided by the company like health and accident covers. Additionally, role of the department is keeping an eye on the employees and it is the same department that offers leaves and offs to the employees.

5.      Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute in the company, it is the human resource department that intervenes to provide resolution to the matter. It is therefore essential for the HR professional to understand the laws of the company both for the employer and the employee. Dispute resolution calls for high level of emotional intelligence for you to provide a ruling that is not out of feelings and it is not biased. It is the same department that deals with disciplinary cases of the company. The human resource manager serves as the judge of the company.

A human resource department is an essential department in any company   which is aiming at improving its performance and scaling to the peak. Most of the firms which have developed and are renowned in the world have a well-structured human resource department equipped with competent human resource professionals.