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All You Need To Know About Industrial Coating

Industrial coating manufacturers in India supply essential coating for many different industries and they have a wide range of applications like that for wood, plastic, aluminum, glass, iron, steel and more.

  • Aerospace Industry: Industrial coating is useful for the military as well as civilian aircraft.
  • Canning Industry: Food and drink can need to have made use of this for both the interior and exterior sections of the can.
  • Plastics: This type of coating is useful for plastic toys, dashboard, and bumper of vehicles.

Types of Industrial Coating

There are many different types of industrial coating that make use of different polymers like epoxy, polyurethane, fluoropolymer, and moisture cure urethane.

Epoxy and Polyurethane are explained in more detail:

  • Epoxy: This coating is typically based on an epoxy base and curing agent. It has several useful coating properties to make the item more durable. One of the other advantages of epoxy polyamide coating is that it assures resistance against moisture as well as chemical resistance. Thus, epoxy is often used as a primer, an intermediate coat, and a top coat as per the requirement. It is very effective in protecting steel inside a nuclear power plant or if submerged in the wastewater treatment facility.
  • Polyurethane coating is one the most popular as a topcoat. It is also very durable and abrasion-resistant and is considered to be Aliphatic and Aromatic. This means it ensures excellent color retention, protects in sunlight, well suited for the outdoors and protects against harsh weather conditions.

Common Applications

Industrial coating is useful in many industries for several reasons. The main purpose of applying a coating is to ensure the item it is being applied to is protected from corrosion and several other factors. Besides having a special function it is also useful to improve the look and feel of the item.

Here is a shortlist of applications:

  • It is useful to prevent concrete or steel from corroding.
  • It is very useful to coat an aircraft and helicopters and meets the high standards required for it to be qualified to use for defense purposes.
  • Several vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, and trailers also make use of this type of coating.
  • It is useful for vehicles in the case of accidents and thus used extensively when the vehicles repaired in body shops.
  • It is useful to protect food cans by applying a thin coat.
  • Metal sheets also require coating which starts as metal coils and is later implemented for many different applications like washing machines, automotive parts, composite parts, etc.
  • It is useful to improve performance and protect too. This includes steel structures like bridges, oil & gas rigs, as well as stadiums and chemical plants.
  • The coating is useful in the marine industry for ships and boats. It is also useful for tankers, cruise ships, tugs, and yachts.

List of Benefits

  • It helps prevent the corrosion of many different types of material like steel and concrete.
  • Reduces maintenance changes by extending the overall life of many different materials.
  • Make the material resistant to harsh weather conditions and bad atmospheric fumes.
  • It is very useful to improve the appearance of an item.
  • It helps increase the performance and protect from items that are exposed to UV.
  • The benefit of the coating including providing abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and also increase the performance of items which are required to be submerged.
  • It helps retain the color and provides high gloss.
  • It has a higher temperature rating with the ability to with more extreme temperatures.
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