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All You Need To Know About Luxury Cars

Car as a vehicle is a necessary tool in everyday life off many people. People use their cars for transportation and for their businesses. Depends on their needs different people use different cars. Profession dictates the type of car is being used by car owners. For example, many farmers used trucks because they need more space for transporting their tools and equipment. On the other hand business owners and business man's use sedans as a solution for their needs. They can use varieties of different cars depends on their personal preferences. Some of the best luxury sedans on the market are made by famous car manufacturers on the globe. Some of the most popular car brands BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lexus, Audi, and Jaguar. 


BMW you've made in Germany and he's one of the best brand available on the market. The BMW made the luxury sedans marked by 100 to 700 depends on the size and characteristic respectively. One of the most famous and best luxury sedans is the BMW 5 series. This model can be found with MSRP starting at $53,000. According to US News & World Report, this car got grade 9.2 out of 10. Another famous model made by this German manufacturer is BMW 7 Series. The starting MSRP is $86,450. The difference between those two is in the size and the equipment. BMW 7 series can be bought with different characteristics. Horsepowers range from 335 to 523.


On the other hand, also made by German Giant Mercedes-Benz is another options if the business owner prefers German cars. They divided their cars into the classes and one of the best of luxury sedan class is class S. Both of the cars are very comfortable and provide great characteristics and quality. Class S can be found with a range of 362 to 621 horsepowers. Using the rank of Kelley Blue Book we can see the grade of 4.5 out of 5 which made this car one of the best luxury cars for business owners. The price of the class S starts at $91,250. Also, Class C is famous among business owners as their personal preference for a car. The MSRP of 2019 Class C starts from $41,400. Power range from 265 to 503 horsepowers.


Cadilac Cadillac is an American brand Under General Motors. If you prefer American brand many business owners like to drive their versions of luxury sedans. They offer many types of sedans mark under the CT models. They also provide the ATS model as. there a luxury car. MSRP for ATS model starts at $35495. This is a strong car and can be found with options from 272 to 335 horsepowers. Another famous model is the Cadillac CT6. The MSRP starts from $58,995. Power Rangers from 335 to 500 horsepowers. It can be brought in different packages. Some of them are Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Twin Turbo Platinum.

For those who like Japan cars, Lexus is a great solution. Made by Toyota, Lexus is the luxury version of that car manufacturer. 2019 Lexus GS is one of the most famous luxury sedans. His MSRP started from $46860. Power range from 241 to 467 horsepower. 

Audi is next on the list of best luxury sedans for business owners. Another German company is a member Volkswagen group. Audi A6 is one of the famous luxury models of that brand. The MSRP started at $58,900. 


Jaguar is the brand of luxury cars from Great Britain. The company with Land Rover and they provide varieties of cars. Most famous model is a Jaguar XJ. The MSRP of death car $75,700. Power range from 342 / 575 horsepowers with 3.0 v6 engine and 5.0 v8 engine. 

Variety brands give us options when we choose our cars. Above-mentioned brands are just a small amount of vehicles available on the market. The best luxury sedan can be found among one of the above-mentioned brands. The choice is different

based on personal preferences and the needs of the owner. The best models are described above and are mostly used by business owners on a global scale.

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