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All You Need to Know About Odontology

There is this unknown fear associated with the word dentist; people usually hesitate to visit a dentist unless it’s too late or if their tooth is paining a lot and they’ve run out of home remedies. 

It is imperative to get your tooth checked at reliable dental clinics. 

When you search on the internet for Dentists, you’ll get information about the top dentists in West Ryde

What Is Dentistry? 

The study of the buccal cavity focusing on teeth to help diagnose, treat and prevent dental problems. The dentist carries out dental treatment and procedures. A nurse specializing in dental works helps the dentist. Dental technicians develop dental implants. 

History of Dentistry

The history of dentistry dates back to 6500 BC. Many skeletons(skull) found in the area showed features of a drilled tooth with flint tools to remove decay. The development of farming also raised the cavities in a tooth resulting in dental problems. The infected tooth was cleaned using thin flint tools; it was estimated that the oldest used dentistry methods were anywhere between 13820 – 14160 years old.

But a study in 2017 indicates that ancient odontology and dentistry was found in the skulls of Neanderthals, the skulls were about 130000 years old, there are many ancient pictorials and Fossils which includes people of the Indus valley civilization who shows signs of practising rudimentary tools as far back as 7000bc, some of the findings in a Neolithic Archeological site Indicate that tiny metal filaments were used to treat dental problems, A recent carbon dating of a skull found in Slovenia shows that the Initial filling used was beeswax that dates back to 6500 years.

All of this indicates that dentistry Is an ancient branch of science. 

Modern Dentistry

Odontology has evolved so much in the last 500 years; with the development of anaesthesia in 1846, it became effortless for odontologists to study and perform complicated procedures without causing severe pain and stress. 

Before the development of anaesthesia, alcohol was used but using alcohol also has its downsides. 

In prehistoric times, unwashed poppy seed milk/tea was used as it gave an opioid high, which helps in relieving pain. 

Many modern dental procedures help with all sorts of dental problems, some of which include 

Root Canal – A root canal is an endodontic treatment performed by a dentist to save a decaying tooth by cleaning the canals inside the tooth’s root hence the name Root Canal.

Dental implants – It is a surgical implant that interacts with the jaw or skull to support dental prosthetics. 

Tooth whitening – This is the most commonly used procedure; it is a very effective method to reduce the colour of the teeth by a shade or two 

Dental extraction – If a bad tooth cannot be saved, it must be removed From the dental alveolus. A board-certified Dentist performs it.  

Veneers- Veneers are thin tooth-coloured shells attached to the teeth to elevate the overall tooth appearance.

Dental Restoration – Dental restoration, also commonly known as Fillings, is a procedure used by Dentists to fix the morphological structure and functioning of a damaged tooth. 

There are several other procedures performed by world-class board-certified dentists in West Ryde

Now that everyone knows the basic procedures of Dentistry and the importance of dental health, we believe you’ll choose the best Dental clinic in West Ryde. 

With world-leading odontologists, All the dental procedures are performed carefully, and what’s more? They’re painless. 

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