All You Need To Know About Sigma CapSeal’s Induction Sealers


Sigma CapSeal a brand of Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. which was founded 45 years back in India with industry preferred induction sealing machine, has become industries favourite due to the excellent induction machine crafted keeping in mind the best product output. With the blend of innovations and high end technology we create induction sealers made to provide sealing smooth as butter for you.


At Sigma CapSeal, we make sure we give the best to the packaging industry. With our induction sealing machine, you can almost seal anything. The size and shape of the bottle doesn’t matter; we will seal it for you.


What is an Induction Sealing Process?

In induction sealing, a non-contact heating process, which consists of the process of hermetic sealing of a container with a closure which uses a heat-sealable foil laminate. The usual induction inner seal is made up of multi-laminate liner inside a closure which consists of the layers namely –

Layer of pulpboard, a layer of wax, aluminium foil, a layer of polymer.

Whether you need to seal caps for bulk production or small scale, Sigma CapSeal makes the best induction sealers for the packaging industry.


Our Range of Products:


Since the first 5KW induction sealing device, we have come a long way in designing a range of devices as per requirement of industry. Here is a list of our induction cap sealing products.


        Sigma flex


This is a manually operated, portable induction cap sealing device which can seal up to 6 caps per minute. This is mostly used in laboratories, but can also be used for industrial purposes. It can seal caps measuring 20mm to 120mm in diameter.


        Sigma pro


This is a semi-automatic and portable device which can seal about 15 bottles in a minute with caps measuring 20mm to 120mm in diameter. This too is mostly used in laboratories, but can also be used in small industrial set ups.


        Sigma Eco


This induction cap sealer can give output for 25-30 bottles/min.


        Sigma I Neo


This is our first cap sealing machine made for in-line set up found in factories. It has a capacity of 32 feet per minute and is useful in various industrial scenarios.


        Sigma II Neo


The ceaseless devotion of our research and development team has resulted in a marked improvement over the Sigma I Neo. The Sigma II Neo has a higher line capacity at 55 feet per minute and is pretty useful for industrial purposes.


        Sigma III Touch


This is a further improvement in our series of  automatic induction sealer. It has a high capacity of induction cap sealing @ 80 feet per minute.

        Sigma Jet


This is the most advanced high speed induction sealing machine in our stable. It can work at a rate of 100 feet per minute and can be operated through a touch screen.


Now, let us introduce our Caps & Closure Automation products:


        Pre Cut Wad/Liner Inserting Machine


We also manufacture wad inserting machine for inserting pre-cut liners into bottle caps. It consists of a rotary system for indexing and heads for picking up and placing the liners from a magazine and into the caps. The device can receive caps & closures in single lane or multiple lanes, can have single head or multiple heads and can also have a range of cap transfer belts and cap feeders as per industrial requirement.


        Flip Top Cap Closing Machines


This is a device which can close the open flip top of the bottle cap automatically. Doing this job manually involves a lot of manpower and cost. This automatic system offers a cost effective, reliable, consistent and hygienic solution for injection moulded flip top cap closing in a factory set up.



        Cap Assembly Machine


These are machines that can assemble multiple-piece caps and closures at high speed. Cap assembly machines manufactured by us can handle caps of various shapes like round, square, oval, triangle, etc. It can also deliver the desired line speed.

        Vision Inspection System


This is a very important piece of equipment for quality assurance of bottle cap sealing exercises. Improper implementation or not implementation of such a system may result in excessive product recalls. The vision inspection system manufactured by us inspects caps, bottles, liners as well as labels for defects which also includes label positioning. It comes with an auto-rejection system for rejecting defective bottles.

Our Clients

Our extensive range of induction cap sealers, liner inserting machine, Vision inspection system, Cap Assembly Machine and Flip Top Cap Closing has an extensive range of takers in the form of internationally reputed product manufacturing companies. DuPont, GSK, Del Monte, Coca Cola, Henkel, FritoLay, MERCK, PERFETTI, NOVARTIS, P&G, Shell, Nestle, Unilever, Sandoz  etc are just some of them.