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All you need to know about the plastic for your food grade bins

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If you have noticed in your home you must have seen a variety of containers, bins, and jars being used for all sorts of purposes such as for storing food items, waste materials, water, juice, clothes, or any other item.

So are all the plastics the same? Does this mean that for storing food items you can just pick any plastic bin or container and keep your food item in it?

To the naked eye, all the plastics might seem to be different but some plastics only qualify as food-grade plastic such as the ones that are being used in the Megabin Solid Nally MS7800.

Regulations and safety standards for the food-grade plastics

As mentioned above that not all plastics qualify as the ideal material for storing food items. For any type of plastic material to qualify as a food-grade bin or container, there are some specific regulations and safety standards to be met.

Here are some of the things that cannot be used as a material for manufacturing the food-grade plastic bins


It is unsafe if your food is stored in a plastic container that has dyed. You can store the packed food items that okay but not any food item that is not packed such as fruits, veggies, juices, milk, or any other food item for that matter.

One of the best food-grade plastic bins is the Megabin Solid Nally MS7800 780L.

Dyes can easily mix with the fluid type food items and more so when they are hot. Dyes are chemicals that are used for painting the outer and inner surfaces but have dangerously high toxin materials that are not at all safe with the food items.

Additive materials

Do you know that your mega solid nally MS 7800 also does not contain any additive materials? They can also mix up with the food item altering the composition of the food and making it unsafe for intake.

Check for the information before buying any plastic food bin so that they do not contain any additive materials.

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic too is not safe and does not classify as a food-grade bin. It is considered to be harmful but the ones with the Megabin Solid Nally MS7800 do not contain any recycled plastic.

Just to add up to your information that there are some international guidelines specified by the FDA for the manufacturing of a food-grade bin.

Usage of the bins in bulk

It is not that these bins are to be used for household purpose all the time. On the other side, usage of these bins is mostly found in bulk or in more numbers and they are prepared and manufactured keeping that in view itself. Here are the four different bulk usage of the same for you.

1.     The first usage of the same is at the restaurants. There, the storage of the food items are made with these bins, that keeps the food items fresh and also allows them to use them for a longer time.


2.     The second usage of the same is in the hotels. Storing food items is also needed at the hotels and there the requirement is in bulk.


3.     The third usage of the same is at the malls, where the items are stocked for retail sale. In all the three cases, as said from above, the bins can be used repetedly and hence there is advanced usage of the same, where you will be getting orders in bulk. This will aid you in your retail or wholesale stock making.


4.     The final usage of them same is for the cold storing of the food items. There the food items remain in good shape and also retains the health apt at low temperature. So the containers that will be retaining the food items must also be ready to fight and beat the cold there. These Nally Bins are well prepared to support the same by all means. 

Final say

Just to give you an additional piece of information that the plastic quality for a food-grade bin has been specified by the FDA or else there can also be some country specific rules, but you can well understand that the bins are of heaby usage and they are perefect for your stock making.

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