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All You Need To Know About Throat Cancer – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

throat cancer

The vocal cords, voice box, and oropharynx or tonsils, collectively form our throat. When any cancerous formation is found in any part of the throat it’s called throat cancer. Throat cancer can be classified into 2 versions:

Laryngeal cancer- Found in the Larynx

Pharyngeal Cancer- Found in the Pharynx

Larynx or the voice box is located in the middle of our throat and homes the vocal chords, the reason behind our ability to talk and converse. Pharynx, on the other hand, is the long tube located behind the mouth and the nose. Its delegated with the work of transferring food from the mouth to the esophagus. It also filters and moisturizes the air we breathe; hence it acts as an essential part of our digestive and respiratory tract.

A tumorous formation anywhere around the throat can be quite agonizing. However, an early diagnosis can help you relieve from the devastating symptoms the disease brings with.


A disease of this stature comes with some signs and symptoms. Check out for these symptoms:

A permanent cough or sometimes blood in a cough
Change in voice
The constant need of clearing your throat
Blockage in throat
Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
Difficulty in swallowing
A wheezy sound, a sign of steeped air passage
Swelling around the neck, throat, or the jaw
Weight loss for no reason
Difficulty in breathing
Chronic ear pain
Throat Cancer Treatment
If you have any of these symptoms it doesn’t mean you actually have cancer. Consult your physician and get it checked.


Research has not yet found the real reason behind this cancer’s development, yet some aspects that trigger the tumor growth have been found. Some factors might not be in the realm of control but others can be easily avoided.

Tobacco –

The first thing mentioned in cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco-infused mouth fresheners is tobacco causes cancer. It facilitates cancer cell growth 10 times than in any other patient.


Alcohol is the longtime companion of tobacco smoking and yields the same risk of cancer development.

Vitamin deficiency-

A poor diet significantly devoid of vitamins, hinder the body’s immunity to fight diseases. This leaves the body prone to cancer development. Food like green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, sweet potatoes can reduce the odds of developing cancer.

GERD Acid Reflux-

The medical condition in which the stomach acid is leaked into the esophagus is called acid reflux. If left untreated this condition might trigger cancer cells.

Throat Cancer Treatment-

Stage 0-

Cancer diagnosed at this stage can be easily treated. Radiation therapy and laser surgery are two most popular and effective treatments.

Stage 1 and 2-

Most patients diagnosed with throat cancer are in these 2 stages. The treatment follows radiation therapy along with surgical removal of the affected area. The surgery doesn’t affect your vocal chords so there is nothing to worry about.

Stage 3 and 4-

Chemotherapy and radiation are used to shrink the tumor size for the surgery to ensure minimum tissue removal. Several speech therapies are suggested to gain the speech control back.

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