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Aluminium Composite Panel: Everything you need to know about the best building material

Aluminium composite panel is one of the most innovative materials on the contemporary building market. Their structure contains a sandwich made of 2 sheets of aluminum, where between the sheets of aluminum there is a layer of a composite polymer material (compound). Aluminum sheets are coated with paint or other decorative coating. This product is widely used in various spheres due to its effectiveness and reliability.

Advantages of aluminium composite panel in Sydney

There are several factors that make this material a real competitor in the world of construction:

  • plasticity - panels can be bent along the radius, bend at right angles, deform in 2 planes;
  • ease of composite panel cladding - panels are easy to saw, cut, check;
  • durability - thanks to aluminum and protective varnish-paint coating;
  • low weight means that aluminum composite panels are applicable for the manufacture of volumetric and large-scale structures and buildings that do not exert extreme loads on the supporting structures;
  • a wide selection of colors and textures allows you to implement any design projects.

Aluminum composite panels are weather-resistant. Structures made of this building material are strong to sudden gusts of air, aggressive effects of the surrounding urban environment. In addition, the ratio of stiffness and weight distinguishes it extremely favorably from sheet aluminum, steel and all kinds of sheet plastics. Despite the fact that composite panel claddingis higher than other material’s, it’s worth any money thanks to its perfect qualities.

Features of composite panel cladding

In order to protect the aluminium composite panel during transportation and at the time of material processing, finished panels are protected from the front or on both sides with polyethylene film, which must be removed before using aluminum composite panels. The thickness of the panels depends on the thickness of both the aluminum sheets themselves and on the thickness of the middle layer (compound) and can vary from 3 to 6 mm. The aluminium composite panel Sydney is very light - depending on the thickness of the panel, a square meter weighs from 3 to 8 kg.

Moreover, the material has a protective paint coating, which gives it more benefits. Protective paintwork based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) provides a weather-resistant matte surface with a high degree of gloss. Polyester-based (PE) coatings have lower performance properties than PVDF, but allow to reduce the aluminium composite panel price of the final cost. Finally, aluminum composite panels will not fade when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight.

Applications of aluminium composite panel 

Nowadays, the key to the success and prosperity of the advertising business is a quick response to the emergence of innovative materials and the use of the latest advertising technologies. Though the material has appeared on the advertising market quite recently, but they are already being used quite actively. Wide functionality allows the use of composite panels in various areas of the advertising business. Polyester coated panels are mainly intended for interior use. ACP with varnish-and-paint coating based on PVDF can be used in the production of advertising structures installed both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, advertising signs are made using composite panel cladding. Using simple processing methods: cutting, rolling, gluing, riveting, etc., Australian professionals are able to create a design of any shape. In addition to advertising signs, composite materials are used for:

  • facades;
  • entrance groups;
  • production of roof installations;
  • volumetric letters of signs. 

Besides, aluminum composite panels are used in the production of interior advertising compositions. With the help of composite panel milling , you can make elements of the name, logo and load-bearing structures of light boxes. You can change the standard colors of aluminum composite panels or apply advertising prints to them by applying vinyl film or painting with auto enamels. So, aluminium composite panel in Sydney is a universal material that is worth your attention! 

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