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Amalgamate Traditional & Modern With Farmhouse Pendant Lights:


Old is gold. You just love old style but at the same time want to execute​ your modern vision in your space, then the options of farmhouse pendant lights are the greatest. If you also wish to add a decor that will always be in trend then industrial ceiling lights should be your choice. 

               Farmhouse pendant lights   are the most proper option that you should pick up for your farmhouse residence to bring a graceful glow.It mixes both the classic and modern genre by fusing traditional stylistic elements  with the fresh ideas of modern decor.


                   As the name indicates, it looks like - they belong to a 19th century farmhouse with grand quality. But it has a latest touch too. Modern farmhouse light fixtures create a change by adding today's elements and 21st century technology into their design. It offers a comfy, pastoral vibe in your  modern home. 

·        Perfect options to place these type of lights: 

Wherever you add it, these light fixtures will surely bring nostalgic feeling to your abode.

1.     You can select the hanging lights for your family rooms' reading corner.

2.     Also you can add a group of farmhouse mini pendant lights to a bar or entertainment area in your  basement. 

3.     The farmhouse style is the most popular in kitchen rooms . The farmhouse kitchen pendant lights will turn the room into a more cozier place within a minute, adding a welcoming gesture to it. A single pendant will create a nice visual focal point above a kitchen counter or table. You can also choose multiple mini farmhouse pendants ,hanging above the kitchen space.

4.     Farmhouse lighting style will be the proper option for your hallway having hardwood floors.

5.     It can also go with your living room with antique furniture.

6.     Also they are suitable to adorn your lovely bedroom with weathered decor. 

There are numerous options for you in the time of choosing farmhouse light fixtures. If your desire is to set up a cozy reading corner in a bedroom, get one  single-bulb farmhouse cage pendant. You love to add  a vintage look to your home office then select a farmhouse drum pendant. You can also hang a farmhouse pendant featuring oil rubbed bronze finish over an antique desk and shaker chair for a textured look. So no other choice will be as complete as farmhouse lights. 

            Whether it is your office or your own study,   Industrial ceiling lights can be compatible for both the options. Many modern spaces seek industrial ingredients having concrete floor and exposed piping, creating an open, no-frills ambience. If you wish to give your space a remodeling then industrial style should be your one and only pick. 

Advantages of industrial light fixtures: 

·        Ceiling light is a multipurpose lighting option for all time. Now-a-days most of the modern flats do not have much ceiling height . If you are living in these flats but still want to have a great lighting in your ceiling then flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lights are a resolution for people like you. Flush mount lights  incubate directly against the ceiling with no space in-between. A semi-flush mount fixture has some inches of space, allowing some light to reflect upwards. Both options can offer you a bright and pretty room even when you don’t have the proper space for it.

·        Industrial lighting  is exactly accurate for office places, giving a welcoming vibe to it. Illumination to your commercial spot with these luminaries captures the urban industrial aesthetic. If you are willing to create an industrial look but need the functionality of a well-lit space, choose those lighting fixtures that will offer a refreshment to your space. 

·        Ceiling lights are a smart choice to save energy. For this reason, you consider wattage as one of the requirements for picking out a ceiling light that works for you.  

·        Everyone has this faulty thought that industrial lights give perfection only to the commercial places. This conception should be broken as soon as possible. As these fixtures fit nicely in residential spaces also. Kitchens are an ideal choice to place these fixtures.

·        You can also choose a smaller or more mitigated industrial ceiling fixture for your hallways. It will bring with it the feel of industrial design but will not hamper the comfort of your home space. 

·        If you need lighting to act as a statement piece, such as over the dining area or in the living room, search for a large industrial ceiling fixture. They can give the grope of a chandelier with the robust feature of a ceiling light all at the same time. 

Summary: Why we always let the modern style make us forget the traditional one! This time, we would not let it happen. Both the lighting options  are there to adorn our place together with primitive  and latest vibes.

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