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Amazing Benefits of Velvet Curtains that are Delicate

The word velvet means gentle and from its namesake texture, it takes its significance: velvet. With its delicate rest and cleaned look, the light, smooth texture encapsulates extravagance. For quite a long time, heavy velvet curtains have been an installation in the design plan and home stylistic layout, and it is a very good quality feel and style make it an ideal raised plan material. 

Crushed velvet curtains are made out of flimsy strands; any fiber material might be utilized to make velvet. By and large, for creating velvet, silk, cotton, and manufactured filaments (polyester, rayon) are utilized. Making velvet curtains blackout from manufactured materials is more sturdy and flexible. 

Velvet, which is a mix of rayon and silk, pounded or squashed velvet, and chiffon, are different kinds of velvet texture material accessible available. Utilizing velvet, window ornaments, bedding sets, and furniture are made. In this post, we are talking unequivocally about squashed velvet shades.

Thermal and Noise Insulation

They prove a conducive accessory when the winter rings the bells and things start frostings. The thick and dense fabric material along with the pile insulates the place against draughts like blackout curtains. Heavy velvet curtains prove to be quite beneficial in the summer as well, they block thermals from getting into your place and prevent the cold air from inside.  

They effectively work to save energy that escapes through the windows making the temperature maintenance systems work efficiently. This reduces electricity consumption and helps you save money on the domestic bills up to twenty fine percent.

These drapes can be added to walls as well to block excessive noise. According to a study, velvet drapes can block up to thirty-three percent of the sounds entering the place. 

This also makes your place secure by keeping the sound inside making it impossible for others to hear through the walls. Noise reduction greatly improves one’s sleep as well. With these panels open, they provide one with a sound night’s sleep during the day.

Privacy Protection and Light Filtration

Thick and dense fabric material blocks the light from outside entering the place. Velvet curtains blackout can block light from all sources (sunlight or artificial light) up to ninety-nine percent and provide a complete blackout. With them, you can not only create a night’s darkness during the day and sleep comfortably but also block the glaze of street lights at night time from interrupting.

This feature greatly helps when you have kids and old parents at home or you work on night shifts. As stated earlier, they have thick and dense piles on the facing side that makes one’s place appear dark from outside hiding everything inside. This makes your place more private and secures allowing you to freely do anything inside without the fear of privacy invasion.

Protection of Soft Furnishings

Sun can be damaging to the soft furnishings and furniture making them wear too soon by reducing their average lifetime and fading the color. It is likely to make regular maintenance and extra care necessary but with crushed velvet curtains in the house, you no longer require regular maintenance. They’ll filter out the excessive light and protect all your furnishings and furniture from fading, saving you money in the long run.

Create a Traditional and Royal Look

Dark-colored heavy velvet drapes create a traditional and classic look. One of the reasons is that they have been used since the curtains were first invented. So hanging those in contemporary interiors brings back the old era. They depict the style of midcentury modern designs that make the place glorious and royal. 

You might have noticed that royal palaces and other Royal places usually have crushed velvet drapes, so hanging them tall and wide with a dark interior makes the place look expensive and more formal.

So, if you are redecorating your place to bring beauty to it, crushed velvet drapes are the best go-to instead of cotton, silk, polyester, jacquard, or linen velvet curtains. Many people avoid using them for this feature. So it’s better to combine them with modern-day fabrics and create an equally modern and classic look. 

This can be done by adding a sheer panel between heavy velvet drapes creating the layered curtains-like look. This will balance and bring a modern touch to the place and also balance the amount of light. Or opting for an artificial velvet drape is a go-to choice, they have silk-like shine, lustrous appearance, and sheen and do not look traditional.

Create an Opulent Feel

They add an effortless opulent feel to the place. A beautiful thin pile adds texture to windows. They do not require expensive hangings and other curtain accessories to complete the look they look beautiful right after hanging. 

They pull all the elements together to create an effortless unifying look. For more of an artistic touch, abstract painting and other artworks can be considered. Gold and silver velvet drapes are best for an undeniable luxurious look. When hung high they feel like melted gold and silver running downward. This makes one feel like sinking into it.


Velvet sofas, armchairs, and ottoman can help to design the rest of the place. But that is not necessary if you have a limited budget, these drapes are artwork on their own. Embroidered laces and trimming add additional beauty to them, you can also think of pleated headings and other affordable visual aids to make them look more expensive and opulent.

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