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Amazing Birthday Decoration Ideas with Helium Gas Balloons

No decoration can be complete without balloons. For any celebration and party, balloons are a must. While you can hire professionals for balloon decoration, there are many DIY techniques as well for creating amazing décor for celebration at home. If you are looking for DIY balloon décor ideas, you first need to get balloons.

Helium gas balloons can be ordered online without any hassle of stepping out an ad looking for the perfect set of balloons. There is an ample variety available online for you to choose from. Based on the level of celebration, you can pick from a set of 50, 100, 200, 300, and 500 balloons. Not just that, you can also hire a helium gas tank for blowing up the balloons. 

Here’s a look at the DIY balloon décor ideas:

  • Arch for attractive entry

Get a long wire and make an arch shape from it. Blow up the balloons in various colours and tie 2-3 balloons together in a cluster. Make more of such clusters of colourful balloons and keep on tying them on the wire till the time you achieve an arch and cover the wire completely. This will create a nice arch to be placed at the entry for guests. You can also choose single-coloured balloons or a theme of two colours such as pink and white, black and golden, white and blue, etc. based on the theme of your celebration.

  • Attractive garland of balloons

The garland of balloons is a great way of creating attractive décor. It is also one of the simplest ways of decorating any space. Take a string and cut it into the size you want your garland to be. Blow up the balloons in a colour palette of your choice. Put the needle on one side of the thread and keep piercing the needle from the tail of the balloon. Add balloons one by one to create a lovely garland. This can be placed on the doorway, on the staircase, near windows, or on the walls. You can hang the garland around tables as well, especially the cake and gift table.

  • Hanging balloons

Blow up balloons in colours of your choice and make a cluster of them by tying their tails together. Now hand these cluster of balloons upside down from the ceiling. This will give the look of hanging lamps. You can also tie ribbons along with them to create a magnificent look of the room.

  • Giant flower

This is a simple yet attractive balloon décor idea. Take red or pink balloons and blow them up. Take one yellow balloon to create the centre of the flower. Place pink/red balloons on the wall in a circular shape and place the yellow one in between to create a flower's shape. These balloons can be secured on the wall with the help of cello tape. 

  • Cluster on the wall

If you are in the mood for something simple, just blow-up colourful balloons and stick them on the wall creating a huge cluster to make a statement wall. 

These are some of the lovely gas balloon décor ideas that will instantly enhance the charm of your room. 

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