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Amazing Mediation tips for College Students

Meditation Tips for College students

Sometimes I wondered why some students do much more than the others. You will see your fellow student get Straight A's in College and you keep wondering, "what does this guy really do that I'm not doing?". At a point, I understood that whenever he wants to study, he uses the meditation tips for College student and makes sure that his mind and body are at rest which gains him more concentration and alertness.

It's amazing, right? I know you will like to get more grades and be more productive in whatever you do, I will show you the mediation tips for College Students as you read along.

But wait!

In talking about the meditation tips for College Students you need to understand the meaning of Meditation first.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way of relieving the mind and body from stress and unnecessary thoughts. It helps to quiet loud voices in your head.

When should I Meditate?

Some people prefer to meditate in the morning from 5 am, some afternoon after school activities while the others, late at night by 11 pm. You can meditate for about 5 – 10 minutes as a beginner and keep improving as you continue.

The more you practice, the much better and longer you meditate.

The most important thing is to just start. (Meditation tips for College Students)

Where can I Meditate?

When it comes to resting and relieving stress, you need a quiet place, a place you can feel free to stay without disturbance. Places like:

  • Library
  • Dorm – At night while students are asleep.
  • Check if your school has a meditation room
  • If it's in the afternoon, you can meditate in the school recreation when there are no sports activities.
  • An empty or quiet room is good enough.

What do I wear:

You need to be in something that makes you free and not tight on your body.

If it's at night, your pyjamas can serve because it makes you much more comfortable.

During the day, make sure you put on something that is loose on your body so that your body can balance well. (Meditation tips for College Students)

What Meditation Apps can I start with?

Download Meditation Apps that provide the voice that guides you more through the process. The apps are available on Google play store. Apps like:

1. Meditation for beginners:

This meditation app is the best for beginners. It's highly recommended for students who find it difficult to start the meditation. It has over 10k downloads.

2. Chakra Meditation:

This app has over 100k downloads. It is the best meditation app to unlock your chakra.

3. Calm – Meditate, sleep, relax.

This is another wonderful meditation app for College Students that has over 10m downloads. It's an awesome app to help you calm down, reduce stress and help you sleep better.

How to Meditate (Meditation tips for College Students):

Step 1:

Wear comfortable clothes that will help you breathe properly.

Step 2:

Sit Comfortably. The way you sit affects the meditation process so if you don't sit well, your attention might be taken away while trying to be comfortable.

Step 3:

Close your eyes, relax your eye and feel free as your eye is closed.

Step 4:

Clear your mind of unexpected thoughts and feel free as you close your eyes. Listen to a cool and warm song playing through the meditation app and let your mind be at rest. Focus on being aware.

Benefits of Meditation tips for College Students:

My lecturer will always say that Mediation is to the mind and body what Food is to the Stomach.

1. Improvement of IQ level:

Meditation improves brain performance and helps it process new information faster and more accurate. It also helps to boost creative thinking and critical thinking.

2. Better Academic Performance:

Because of sound mind and body, your brain will be able to accept and process information as you read. It will help you understand faster making you better well academically.

3. Confidence:

A student that meditates is bold enough to speak because the mind is free of unnecessary fear and thoughts that will make him want to be afraid. For instance, if you want to speak and be more confident, you need to clear your mind through meditation.

4. Reduced Stress:

I must confess, "College is not easy", the tough and long lectures of the day, straining your brain to listen to long hours of lectures and long treck from your lecture hall to your house, etc.

All these generate stress in the mind and body which can be relieved by Meditation. (Meditation tips for College Students)

5. More Focus:

Thinking of a way to keep you together is through meditation. It relieves you of stress and helps your brain function well as you listen or as you study in college.


The Meditation tips for College Students given here will help you to practice the process of Mediation well. Although when you start at the beginning, you might find it difficult but as time goes on, you will get better and better.

If you want to get yourself together and perform at maximum potential then you need to start the process.

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