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Amazing Tips for Exploring Magical Australia With Kids

Traveling with kids is one of the greatest and most fulfilling family activities, however, it also requires a lot of patience and planning. Of course, the nature of your trip will depend on its length and means of transport, so before you decide to go, make sure to organize everything. 

Australia has so much to offer: from cosmopolitan downtown areas of Sydney and Melbourne to gorgeous national parks and beaches. All of that makes Australia a really attractive destination for a fun-field trip with children. Therefore, here are some traveling tips that will provide you with an amazing vacation experience.

Create a general concept of your trip

Having a general route you’d like to follow can take a huge load off your back, especially with kids in tow. If that seems too limiting, keep in mind that you’re always allowed to change plans, but having a concept of your trip will help you organize accommodation or meals as you go. Also, make sure to inform your kids about the upcoming trip, they’ll surely be excited, but they also need to be ready for any potential challenges.

Organize the transportation 

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying, driving, or using public transport. It’s totally up to you to decide on transportation, but remember to keep things as simple as possible, mainly if your children are too small to understand things too clearly. If you plan on driving for the duration of the whole trip, then don’t forget to check your car prior to leaving, because there’s nothing more stressful than having to fix issues while on the road trip. Also, if you plan to switch between various types of public transport, it’s advisable to purchase tickets in advance, especially if you plan to use family discounts. 

Plan the entertainment for kids

Road trips can be quite challenging because you can’t spend the whole time playing “I spy” or singing happy tunes. Luckily, with the leap in technology, kids are now able to spend time glued to their tablets and other gadgets. However, that’s not always a good idea, so if you’re planning to use them, be sure to limit their screen time as well. The great news is that there are numerous playgrounds, zoos, and national parks that you could visit during the day, so chances are your kids will have fun and learn a lot of valuable new stuff during the trip. 

Decide on the activities

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Planning a family trip around Australia can be super fun, as there are so many activities suitable for kids and adults. Kayaking, bushwalking, snorkeling and fishing are only some of the activities that you could do together. Kids usually love being active and Australia is perfect for such a trip. However, before you decide to book an activity, make sure that your kids are on board, especially if they’re easily agitated by new stuff. If you’re traveling together, it’s essential for everyone to play an equal role in the decision-making process. 

Safety should be your top concern

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still around us, you should ensure that you and your family are safe at all times. Whether you plan to visit The Great Barrier Reef, or just have fun in larger urban areas, it’s important to bring all the necessary supplies that will keep everyone protected. Therefore, surgical masks, hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol should definitely be on your packing list, even if you’re usually a laid back type of person. Traveling can be risky nowadays, and keeping your family safe will surely be of great help. Also, it’s recommended you check Australia’s safety guidelines regarding the pandemic.

Be wise with your finances 

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Sometimes, trips can be more costly than we expect them to be. When you add kids to the mix, you can expect your costs to go even higher. That’s why it’s crucial to have a budget that you can stick to during the trip. Make sure to plan meals and accommodation costs in advance, and if possible, prepare some food and snacks in advance, so you won’t have to spend extra money in case kids get hungry. Planning a budget family trip around Australia is not an easy task, so it’s recommended to be wise with your money so you’ll have enough to experience all the amazing stuff this country has to offer! Using a budgeting app can be a great way to keep an eye on your money and plan all your purchases beforehand.

Final thoughts

Taking a trip as a family is a nice chance for the family to connect and create some impactful memories. But, due to the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic, it’s of utmost importance to follow the healthy and safety rules, so you’ll minimize any potential risks. That will help you have an amazing Australian experience. Whether you opt to go to Northern Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, chances are you’ll have a great time and learn a lot about this beautiful country.

Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor
Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, G+
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