Amazon Drop shipping Suppliers: What To Know Before You Start


Drop shipping is a perfect strategy to sell over the Internet without storing stock and with a minimal investment. Today, it is possible to drop ship in very different sales channels, but drop shipping on Amazon is preferred. Although there are no published figures of Amazon's revenue through retail sales - for Amazon Drop shipping suppliers it’s a business. You can also check Amazon FBA Alternatives for sellers. It is where you find out how an Amazon seller is responsible to proceed the Amazon fulfilled by Merchant task.


What attracts Amazon Drop shipping suppliers to invest in Amazon? It is because, a very high percentage of people who shop online complete their search on Amazon. Jeff Bezos' company accumulates very high user traffic of consumers.  Today, we are going to talk about how to drop ship on Amazon. Clever? Go for it!




Advantages of Amazon Drop shipping


First of all, it simplifies things a lot: you do not need to set up your e Commerce or worry about aspects such as payment methods or usability. Amazon Drop shipping suppliers take care that everything works as it should and that the user experience is good.


The traffic is insured: By drop shipping on Amazon, we get much more traffic than with our e Commerce. Amazon's search engine rankings are unmatched.
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And, it is not only a good SEO strategy: many people go to Amazon and type the name of the article they want directly in their search engine.


Therefore, a point to work on is SEO within Amazon: The more optimized your product sheets are, the more likely you will appear in the results.


The good reputation of Amazon: The reality is that your potential buyers trust Amazon much more than any e Commerce that you create on your own. By drop shipping on Amazon, you take advantage of consumers' trust in this brand. Confidence will result in more sales of your products.


You take advantage of all the promotional work of Amazon: This marketplace does a lot of advertising dissemination work, especially through retargeting. Even if you don't invest in paid advertising, Amazon will do it for you, and your products will "chase" your potential customers.


In addition to the advantages of Amazon, this system gives you all the advantages of drop shipping. That is why we have Amazon Drop shipping suppliers taking a boom.


How drop shipping works on Amazon?


The system is simple:


·         Create a seller account on Amazon.

·         Synchronize your catalogue with the marketplace. There are different ways to synchronize it.

·         When a customer buys one of your products on Amazon, your Amazon Drop shipping supplier will prepare the order and send it directly to the end consumer.

·         Amazon will charge you a fixed price per month, as well as a commission for each sale.

·         Your profit is the difference between what your customer pays and what you pay to your Amazon Drop shipping supplier.


A key aspect of drop shipping is choosing an Amazon Drop shipping supplier who knows how this marketplace works and is prepared to give you what you need.


Amazon is a very demanding company with the sellers who use its platform and having Amazon Drop shipping suppliers that know how it works can get you out of more than one trouble.


TIP: All the information handled by Amazon Drop shipping suppliers must integrate with the Amazon marketplace.