Monday, October 2, 2023
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American Cultural Values

American cultural values are well known all over the world. We can talk about values that allowed the Americans to become a strong nation opened to other countries and cultures and including national and cultural diversity. These values can be seen as a way of creating a national identity.

Individual freedom as a core value

One of the most important cultural values for the Americans is the individual freedom and ability to make decisions for themselves, according to their personal beliefs. Individual freedom means choosing the place where you study, live, work or the place where you want to build a house and start a family.

Individual freedom applies in many fields of life and it's also related to personal identity and family life. For example, if a new child is born in a family, parents have the opportunity to choose the name they want for their child.

Find the best American name for your child

Each parent wishes to find the best name for their children. There are tools that can allow them to faster find the perfect name and one tool that is recommended is American Name Generator. This online tool is very convenient and easy to use. You can give it a try right now if you are looking for a new-born name, not forgetting to be grateful for the chance to have the freedom to name and grow tour children peacefully and in a country with healthy cultural values.

Equality of Opportunities

Another American value is Equality of Opportunities for men and women, black and white people, with simple or more complex names, essential for people from different cultures living together.

Hard-working people succeed

The next value we want to emphasize is the Hard-work. Everybody knows that America has anything at a higher level: buildings, lifestyle, and this is possible because Americans are hard-working people. A lot of big companies have been created in the USA, because people dare to dream big and at the same time they are working hard to accomplish their dreams.  If we talk about Microsoft or Tesla companies, we will consider the fact that their owners and CEO are American and we are sure that the American values that they have been guided of while growing up have surely influenced the development of their career.

Being opened to different ideas, people and cultures

Last but not least, another American value is being open to new cultures and ideas, and being open to change. For sure, the biggest companies and the most successful businesses have succeeded as they have been open to find diverse ideas to improve constantly. The multiculturalism is related to this open attitude to the others.

Being open, promoting individual freedom and Equality between all people, here's how the American culture has been creating a popular image all over the world.

These values, along with other essential values for living allowed America to become a huge nation, with a long tradition and a large experience in business. American cultural values can be a model for other nations willing to build a strong identity and basis for a continuous development among other nations and cultures.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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