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Ammonia: an Effective Cleaning Agent for Homes & Businesses

If you have unheard of ammonia, it is a common cleaning agent used widely by many industries for cleaning purposes. It is not just limited to cleaning but also has other uses. It is a bleaching agent and we all have cleaning products containing ammonia in our pantries. It has effective properties that help to clean windows and make it shinier and brighter like never before. Some of the common uses of ammonia have been discussed below:

Suitable To Clean Various Surfaces In Homes & Offices

Ammonia is so popular mainly because it is used to clean a whole lot of surfaces in residences and commercial buildings too. Due to its effectiveness,  some of the best window cleaning companies in Melbourne uses it for the best results. If you are struggling to get rid of streaks on your windows or glass door, simply add ammonia in the homemade solutions for amazing outcomes.

Cleans Tubs, Sinks, Tiles, Toilets & More

This particular bleaching agent works effectively on kitchen countertops, tiles, tubs, sinks and toilets. It doesn’t leave any streaks behind once the cleaning job is complete. It’s quite strong and breaks down oil and grease on various surfaces. The best part is that it doesn’t leave any marks and no damage is caused to the glass. The wine stains and kitchen grease is hard to remove, but with the help of ammonia, it is no more a task.

Ammonia Is Found In The Environment

Ammonia is undoubtedly a very effective cleaning solution as it breaks down various kinds of stains such as grime, animal fats and more. You can find ammonia naturally in the plants, soil, air, and water. Humans also produce ammonia when the food containing protein gets digested in the body. The body breaks it down to ammonia and amino acids.

Used In Manufacturing & Other Industries

Ammonia is so powerful that it’s used by manufacturing industries. It is also used as a refrigerant gas to produce air-conditioning machines due to its power to absorb substantial heat from nature. Besides, it is used to purify water supplies and is the essential component in manufacturing distinct products such as pesticides, dyes, explosives, plastics and fabrics. It is used in the treatment of waste, paper, rubber and to produce pharmaceuticals. It is also used as a neutralizer and stabiliser in the food and beverage industry.

Take Necessary Precautions While Cleaning With Ammonia

Also known as NH3, ammonia is a translucent gas and has a sharp odour. It’s needless to say when you use cleaning products containing ammonia, one has to be cautious and read all the instructions carefully. When using ammonia, ensure that the area where you are working is airy or open all the doors and windows beforehand. Wear a protective layer of clothing and keep your eyes covered with goggles. It irritates the skin and eyes when you are in direct contact and can have a huge impact on the lungs too. Therefore, one should keep these points in mind before using ammonia.

Don’t Combine Ammonia & Chlorine Bleach

The combination of chlorine bleach and ammonia doesn’t work as it forms chloramines gases which contain toxins. Exposure to chloramines also leads to health risks such as nausea, discomfort in the chest, and irritation in the eyes, cough, pneumonia and shortness of breath.

Avoid Direct Exposure To Sun

When in direct sunlight, avoid cleaning areas using this cleaning agent as the rays of the sun makes the solution dry too fast. There may be appearance of streaks too regardless of how effectively you try to clean off.  

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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