An Informative Guide About Electronic Logging Devices


Currently, it is a law in many countries that electronic logging devices, also known as ELDs, are required in commercial trucks. The aim is to improve the work environment for drivers since the drivers track hours of service as well as other related factors. Additionally, ELDs are connected to the engine so that they can track automatically, which enhances accuracy.

Fleet companies operating commercial motor vehicles are required to have electronic logging devices installed and operational. So, if you are starting a new fleet company, it is worth knowing more about these helpful devices.

How ELDs Improve the Fleet Business

When running a delivery business, ELDs will add numerous perks in addition to complying with the laws in your country. For those who do not know, here is what you will get when you install the devices in your trucks.

·       Increased accountability – As mentioned, ELDs keep records of the HoS of drivers. They track engine start, off, idle, and other information. From this, it is easy to track the number of hours worked by a driver, hence providing increased accountability. It is also noted that tracking reduces discrepancies between the drivers and the employer.

·       Reduced cost – One of the challenges in fleet companies is the inflated costs caused by poor driving behaviors such as unnecessary idling, use of long routes, and others. But when the electronic logging devices track all the activities, it is easy to identify these habits and develop strategies for how to stop them.


·       Location tracking – Most ELDs will show the fleet managers where the vehicles are at any one time. They have a GPS capability, which actually eliminates the need for another GPS tracker. This is an additional functionality you get with modern electronic logging devices.

Buying the Best Electronic Logging Devices

When starting a fleet company to manage delivery trucks, you will need to buy and install the best electronic logging devices from a reliable company such as Eyeride LLC. This and other reliable fleet solutions providers have a variety of options to choose from, and they can complete the installations for you or partner with capable technicians to ensure that you get the best solution.

Apart from buying from reputable solutions providers, you should consider the features offered because they change from one brand to another. First, ensure that the ELDs you choose can accurately track HoS and that they will not fail you. You can determine this by checking reviews from previous customers on the web and social media.

Lastly, the electronic logging devices you choose should have other features that will add value to your fleet company. A GPS tracker, reporting option, notifications and alerts, and other features would be ideal for your business.

To learn about all these, it is prudent that you take your time to research. If need be, get a professional to walk you through the process especially if you are new in the business and have never purchased electronic logging devices before.

Final Words

Whether you are new in the fleet business and need to buy the best electronic logging devices or are just adding one more to a new truck in your fleet company, this information will help you. Once you have the ELDs installed, get them checked and serviced regularly to make sure they are working properly.