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An Insight into GRE and How It Helps You

GRE coaching in Kolkata

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a general aptitude test which is required by all students applying for the top ranked B schools in US and Canada. These test scores are used by the institutions to analyze and assess the abilities of a student. The GRE exam is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). They conduct exams in over 9000 cities across the globe and receive more than 500 applicants each year. You can imagine the tough competition you are going to face! And hence before applying for B-schools, you need to analyze whether it is a stream that you are serious about! If you are serious about it and have an aptitude for business then GRE is a good decision.

Benefits of GRE

The most important benefit is that this exam is the way of admissions to some of the top foreign business schools. For more than 60 years GRE has been used as a trademark to get into the top B-schools. Even the Ivy League Schools are among them. An impressive GRE score can give you international exposure and high-profile career choices. Your chances of getting a scholarship also increases. In certain cases your Visa processing is also eased out, if they see a decent GRE score in your application forms. Although it sounds unbelievable, but it is a proven case for many students!

How Coaching Can Help in GRE

No matter how talented you are or how high your IQ scores are, GRE coaching are a must. If you are from Delhi, then GRE coaching in delhi is a must path for all students. Coaching is important in many ways:

  • Coaching increases the strength of your knowledge in the particular field.
  • It gives the student a proper framework and methodology in which they can study and prepare for the exam.
  • Professional tutors are well experienced with such competitive exams and hence can give valuable direction in their study methods.
  • It is a time saving tool for many working aspirants.
  • You can get access to better resources and raw material of study.
  • Adherence to the study plan is much easier if you have a formal coaching supervision, along with home works and practice test.
  • Coaching also creates an environment for competitive study.
  • Through a coaching you will also learn new study methods, tools and techniques for smart learning.
  • It is also good for personal development, team building and team work and for creating a social working environment.


Overall it can be said that whether you are on a full time coaching or part time GRE is a competitive exam. It involves cost, time, and effort and has a lot of hard work. You must make sure that you are serious about the exam, else you will be wasting your parents money and not to mention someone’s chance of a good career. However, serious GRE students often come out with flying colours given the time and effort they spend on grooming themselves and preparing for the exam.

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